How To Deposit Ethereum (ETH) Into Metamask (Simple)

Building Wealth Takes Time – Why to Teach Teens to Start Saving Young

One of the biggest money myths young people have is that in order for them to become wealthy, they need to make a lot of money. But the truth is: they just need to get in the habit, while they are young, of regularly saving and investing and let compound interest do the hard work.

What Going Green Means for Your Wallet

What does it mean to “go green”? To many, it generally means making a commitment to be a good steward of the earth’s resources on a daily basis. Going green will likely have an impact on your lifestyle and your finances.

Tips For Smooth And Cheap Online Money Transfers

Online money transfers offer convenience because they connect people whose geographical locations would have otherwise made it impossible for them to exchange money. It is a process that also offers time convenience, because depending on the platform you select for the transfer, you can have the money with you in a few minutes. Deposits, money sending and withdrawals of the same have been made pretty smooth by the online transfers. When you choose the right money transfer platform, you will not only enjoy the convenience, but you will also have confidence with the transfer process, but there are things you should do to make the process more pleasant.

The Tax Man Cometh! Take Steps to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Did your financial behavior add to your tax bill? Consider these steps to reduce your future tax bill.

Financially Savvy Moves for Your 20s

People in their 20s have time on their side to invest wisely and make your money grow. The sooner you start implementing your financial plan the better and brighter your future will be. Below are financially savvy moves for any 20-something.

What Is a Robo-Advisor?

The definition of a robo-advisor is an automated program that provides financial advice. More precisely, the program manages your investments through an automated algorithm rather than having a person monitoring your portfolio. This program is limited to investment trading, monitoring and trade execution (because other aspects of financial planning are very personal and cannot be programmed into an algorithm).

Memberships To Save Money: Save Money Like A Pro

You can’t save you way to being rich! However, all wealthy people save money! Saving money is great and if you do it right can be very rewarding! Most financially stable people save money through memberships! They can be a great way to save thousands of dollar every year from simply buying things you’re already going to buy anyway! Check out this review to find out three benefits and features all memberships should have as well as three types of memberships you should consider looking into if you’re interested in saving big money!

Savings Accounts VS Investing Accounts

Savings Accounts – Savings accounts do have great benefits. Savings should be allocations of cash put aside for short term goals. Savings should also be used for personal expenses like loan payments, utility bills, and insurance. Savings accounts should also be used for anything in life that will require a large amount of cash in five years or less. The stock market can fluctuate and losing value of money while trying to achieve a short term goal is counter productive.

10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the bend and you adore it or hate it, it’s coming. Numerous people fear the financial misfortunes it forces on them every year. The following are 10 financial mistakes to maintain a strategic distance from, this holiday season by the holiday trip planner! These tips offer you some help to enjoy your holidays without having a pinch in your pocket.

Should You Pay Your Bills Online?

In the past, people paid their bills in the form of cash or checks. They would put their checks in a stamped envelope and send it to be processed. This could take a week or so.

Debt Belongs to the Financial World of 666

Most know what it is like to have no money and to be in debt. Some are never out of it as they willingly spend every cent they get to make their lives more worthwhile. Many attempt to live up to the standard of others who appear to have everything.

Buying and Selling Mortgage Notes

It might be common nowadays to see a sign that reads “mortgage notes for sale,” but since this is about money and business, things could get tricky. Here is a guide meant to help each individual in choosing the right mortgage note and how to wisely purchase notes for sale.

Act Like a Millionaire

Take a moment and think about how long you have been working. For some, it will be longer than others. Then, add up all the money you have earned so far during your lifetime. What do you have to show for all that money spent? Do you have a retirement plan? Do you own your home? Have you invested in your Self?, through education and ongoing learning?

Got Diamonds You Don’t Want Anymore? Sell Them!

A lot of people have items they no longer want. It’s actually a normal situation because a lot of people don’t like to give away things they don’t need anymore. You may have something you don’t really use but you don’t really want to get rid of it. For many people this includes diamonds and jewelry.

Consider Donating Stock Instead Of Cash To Charity

Giving to charity is an important financial priority for many people. Most often this takes the form of donating cash or material goods to a favorite nonprofit. A less common strategy – but one that may be worth considering – is to give the gift of appreciated stock.

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