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Should You Be Relying On a 401K or Learn How To Retire Rich?

The need to earn money in retirement has already become a necessity. Why? This is true because when you retire from the workplace, you either start living frugally or continue working small jobs here and there forevermore. I am quite sure you have seen more than 3 senior people, men or women working in grocery stores either as cashiers or filling racks, etc. Allow me to give you a small, important reality check on why you need to inform and educate yourself financially.

An Overview of Domestic Wire Transfer

A domestic wire transfer facility allows you to electronically transfer funds from one part of the country to another part of the same country. It is different from international wire transfer that allows transferring funds from one country to another. Transferring money in this manner is very easy, and the recipient also gets the funds almost at once.

How to Build Your Million Dollar Stock Portfolio From Zero!

There is a system that made Nicolas Darvas rich in the 1950s. You may be thinking “that was then but this is now.” I am here to prove to you with my own savings that the basic system Darvas used at the middle of the last century works just as well today as it did then.

Earthquakes and a Road to Recovery

It could happen anywhere! This article will give you one road to recovery you may not have known about.

Personal Finance Wealth Creation Strategies

Saving is starting to become something many more of us think about. To make sure you are financially secure for your future, there are many wealth creation strategies you can use. Ideally, combining several wealth creation strategies will offer you the best opportunity to putting your money to work for you. If you combine several strategies you can maximize your return while minimizing your risk.

How to Buy an Income for Life

Annuities are the only financial products you can buy that will guarantee you an income for life. In this article I discuss the annuities you should explore and the ones to avoid.

How to Make Your Retirement Savings Last a Lifetime

Using my “Income for Life Formula” you can mathematically guarantee an income for life. This is a dynamic spending strategy; annually adjusted based upon a percentage of remaining portfolio value but subject to a percentage cap on prior year spending.

How to Maximize Your Income by a Smart Investment?

It’s evidently obvious how money is extremely vital in the sustainment of our livelihood. For centuries, there has been a norm that in exchange for any products and services, you have to pay a certain price for it. Money has always been the single most important factor for the existence of our civilization. So, it is pretty understandable as to why everyone is so obsessed with it. Every person wants to rich, but everyone is entitled to millions of dollars of inheritance. The majority of the world population, the common men and women have to earn their living and increase their bank balance only through sound investment.

3 Suggestions to Help You Organize Your Coupons

When you’re trying to save money so you have enough to get you through the month, couponing is one route you may consider. You’ll have the ability to save on many of the things you buy on a regular basis.

Saving: The Ten Percent Rule

10%is the minimum you should pay yourself before you pay anyone else. Some financial advisors recommend 15% to 20% of your income should be saved. Build wealth now so you will not retire broke and have to go be a greeter at Walmart

How to Get More – But Not Lose Anything – PART II Deferred Fixed Index Annuities

The Deferred Fixed Index Annuity has become very popular because it is safe from market losses, safe from creditors, guaranteed by the regulated companies and can create more interest than other CD’s and other places to put money safely. As important as anything, the income stream can last for the rest of your life. My new article is the 2nd in an installment about Index Interest based contracts from Insurance and Annuity companies.

12 Tips to Become Financially Fit in 2015

By now every friend of mine knows that I am working in a Finance domain. They have started teasing me now-a-days. Recently when we met for New Years Eve, one of my friends asked me what’s your “financial resolution”.

What Is On An Income Statement And A Step By Step Process Of How To Make An Income Statement

Many of you may think that writing a financial statement is very hard and needs professional skills. Well! I highly recommend to visit a financial planner and let him/her to write a financial statement and financial plan for you. There are four good things in visiting a financial planner: 1. They know lots of things that you may have not thought about and they experience in financial Items and terms. 2. They have no emotional feelings attached to your financial situation, so they can devise a plan just for you without any emotional problem attached. 3. They solve the problem of learning and knowing lots of financial and accounting terms and lingo that you might rarely use. So you can focus on other issues like making more money. 4. Having a financial planner and accountant is a crucial part of being rich. Rich always have expert and knowledgeable accountants and financial advisors helping them. So, if you want to get rich and stay rich, you shall have a good team and financial planner is an important part of the team.

Dedicated To Making Late Payments

There are people who are dedicated to paying their bills late. Month after month the delinquent notices come and it does not seem to phase them in the slightest. Let’s explore this.

A Ritzy Wedding or the CourtHouse?

This article gives readers advice on how to have a great and affordable wedding. Readers will see how my wife and I spent less than $1,300 total on our wedding and still had a great time with friends and family, plus we had more leftover for the honeymoon!

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