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What Does an Unstable World Mean for the Markets?

The past few months have seen a number of troubling situations develop around the world. Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict has continued, and recently airstrikes began against the Islamic state extremist group in Syria. The growing list of global concerns may add to a sense of unease for investors.

More Women Are Taking Control of Their Finances

As women’s economic, political and social power increase, they’re also taking a more active role in their finances. According to the recent Ameriprise Financial Women and Financial Power study, women of all generations are involved in financial decision making – either shared or on their own – in their households.

Ten Key Money Tips for Parents When a New Baby Is Expected

Here’s a short and sweet 10-point check-list to make sure that the transition into parenthood is both smooth and joyful. As you will note, you have to do nothing different for your child. What is good for you, is good for your child too.

How to Determine Social Security Retirement Benefits

This articles shows you how to determine your current Social Security retirement benefits, and some of the issues facing pending Social Security recipients. References to the Social Security Administration website are provided, along with some facts concerning Social Security, and some questions to ponder, when determining when to actually claim your SS benefits.

Becoming A High Qualified Financial Planner

For you to become a high qualified financial planner you must earn yourself a Certified Financial Planner Certification. The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification is the designation awarded to those professionals who were able to complete the formal CFP course program and successfully pass the Certified Financial Planner Certification Exam.

How to Earn Extra Income Online Using Various Strategies

This article is about how to earn extra money online. There are plenty of things that people can do to earn an extra income online.

How to Pay Bills – Managing Monthly Budget

Managing of your finances does take a bit of time but it is better to spend a day checking everything than to fall behind with all the payments. That is why it is so important to figure out the exact sum of money you owe. Get aware of the other tips in the article.

How to Optimize Social Security and Other Retirement Income: Part 2

The previous article, “How to Optimize Social Security & Other Retirement Income”, was published 9/12/2014 in The AZ Republic. We will avoid using cost-of-living increases in SS benefits to simplify the article.

How Can You Get a Faster Tax Lien Redemption?

You can profit faster from tax liens by purchasing a lien that is ready to foreclose. By investing in secondary tax liens you can shorten the time it takes to the tax lien redemption or foreclosure. Here’s an example of a tax lien redemption where I got a 49.5% return on my money in only 15 months from the time that I purchased the lien. In reality it only took only 6 months to redeem, but the county lost the original check and had to reissue it and that took some time.

When a Financial Product Sounds Too Good to Be True

It probably is. I’ve recently heard about such a product, one that guarantees you 10% return for the next seven years, and 5% for life after that. It’s even in writing.

The Power of Financial Planning

This article is about why financial life planning is important. I will share with you some of the current approaches to planning, show you how to plan in practice and highlight the outcomes.

Are YOU Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Are you one paycheck away from a financial collapse, or lack of? Most people are not prepared for what’s ahead! LIFE HAPPENS!

Centralized Banking by Government of India

Government of India has launched a mega financial inclusion plan through centralized banking by PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana. There are great income saving schemes by Indian Post Offices providing great benefits for common man.

Beyond the Basics: Choosing a Financial Planner

When looking for a financial planner, begin with the basic requirements. You want your advisor to: be a certified financial planner, have ten years of experience in the business, manage over $100 million of assets, and possess a clean regulatory record. And of course, you want your planner’s philosophy to align with yours. But those are just the minimum standards. I think you should go beyond the basics when choosing someone to trust with your money.

Top 10 Cheapest Online Discount Commodities Futures and Options Brokers for 2014

Review, listing and summary of top futures & options brokers with cheap commission rates. Finding a good quality, online futures broker with cheap rates, can be exhausting, yet important.

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