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Moving From Lack to Wealth in 5 Minutes

When your mind is properly tuned toward wealth accumulation, you’ll feel positive, powerful, and confident in your ability to reach the outcome you desire. But if you’re fixated on your current situation, your own mind can sabotage your progress, making you feel stuck, stagnant, and hopeless. If you find yourself in need of a mindset shift, try this simple exercise to move you from worrying about your bills to feeling wealthy in about 5 minutes.

Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset

If your head is where it needs to be to accumulate wealth, you’ll feel confident, positive and powerful. But if your mind is sabotaging your progress, then lack will rule your day and worry will rule your nights. You cannot be in a lack state of mind and create wealth. So how do you get your mind in alignment with your goals to create prosperity?

You Are Never Too Broke to Save Money – Truth or Fiction?

The internet is saturated with articles about how to save money, and we all understand how important it is to save. If your income is barely enough to cover your monthly expenses, however, saving may be the last thing on your mind. But saving when you’re broke is possible, no matter how challenging.

Find Your Hidden Cash

Everyone could do with some more cash. But you don’t need to ask for a raise to generate more cash flow. In fact getting a raise is not the answer.

My Review of Nationwide’s New Indexed Annuity

Find out whether the Nationwide New Heights Indexed Annuity makes the grade. There are several good things about this product.

Live Below Your Means And You Will Eventually Get Above Them

Sacrificing some luxuries today is a good trade off to be financially secure tomorrow. Too many people live way above their means and fall into a trap for life.

Venture Capital Returns For Individual Investors

Average returns of 466% over a period of about four years have been available to investors who buy out of favor public companies that meet the criteria discussed in this article. There is risk just like in a venture capital investment, but because the shares are freely traded there is also daily liquidity unlike venture capital. Most importantly individual investors have access to the opportunity.

How Fixed Indexed Annuity Can Boost Your Retirement Savings

The FIAs are ideal for people who are nearing retirement. FIAs, in essence, work like a social security or 401k plan. They provide reliable periodic payments all the while guaranteeing the principal amount.

5 – Ways People Save Money

Being financially secure, it is what most of us desire. Just to know that we can buy a loaf of bread tomorrow. In today’s article we’re going to look over some simple possibly overlooked ways you can save some of that green and trust me, save some change today and you may be surprised how fast it can add up! Let’s begin!

Financial Security Begins With These 5 Steps

Being financially secured takes more than saving every penny you earn. For the average person, the world of investments and capital is believed to be rigged, turbulent and too sketchy for them to invest their hard earned money. Although I understand why most people may be fearful, I also know that if you want to live a life in the lap of luxury, you must create opportunities for yourself, save, invest wisely, and protect your assets.

MYGA Annuity VS A Jumbo CD

Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of a MYGA multi-year guarantee annuity to that of a jumbo CD from a bank. CD rates being as low as they are a MYGA can provide the extra boost your money needs.

How to Save Money on Baby Items and Live the Miser Lifestyle

We offer tips on how parents can save money when it comes to purchasing baby items. From hand-me-downs, using coupon codes, and shopping during certain seasons for specific items, each tip can save hundreds of dollars a year for those looking to maximize their yearly savings.

How to Save Money on Electricity Bill Tips and Tricks

We provide some tips on how someone can easily save on their electricity bills. We will offer some ideas to those who are looking to cut down on their yearly energy bills and potentially save money on a consistent basis.

Why You Should Read Your Annuity Contract Carefully!

Learn why reading your annuity contract can help you maximize benefits and avoid traps. If you don’t read your contract it could cost you. It can be hard to understand the legal terms within a contract. This article can point you in the right direction.

How to Be Wealthy – How Does One Get Started When They Are Truly Flat Broke?

If you are really flat broke, and you’ve hit hard bottom, I have good news for you. The only way you can go from here is up. Actually, you have a better chance of becoming a wealthy man than most of those guys who live in a comfort zone.

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