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Finding Opportunity In Beaten-Down Stocks

As part of my multi-timeframe approach to managing money I specifically look for strategies that offer a high probability of profits and allow to be traded with a risk-averse setup. Sometimes this means just trading the stock, sometimes this means using options instead, and sometimes it means using both. One of my favorite strategies fitting this description focuses on stocks that dropped anywhere from 10% to 30%+ in a single day.

Financial Independence – Six Simple Steps (Pt 4)

Before we begin to develop a strategy for investing, we should investigate some basic principles that can set you on the path to financial success and freedom. These principles apply to just about any situation and have been used by the most successful investors in the world. They are simple, logical and effective, and yet for many who discover them for the first time, they are life-changing.

Basic Principles of Investing For Your Retirement – Secure Your Financial Future

The basic principles of investing for retirement involve saving a part of your monthly salary all throughout your years of employment. Investment in the share market is one way in which you can safeguard your money and yield high returns. As the prices of the shares rise, maximum profits can be made, and this takes care of your financial stability.

Wall Street’s Big Lie

I want to talk to you about two types of investing and how to measure their performance. The first one is variable investing, which is anything that can go up and down in value. Mistakenly that often gets measured in terms of average rates of return.

7 Symptoms of Poverty Consciousness

Prosperity and poverty are states of consciousness; an inside thing. You must overcome the poverty inside, before you can achieve prosperity outside. The renowned philosopher and teacher, Charles Fillmore said: “Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking and not just the lack of money or things.” Below are 7 symptoms of poverty consciousness. Please read on.

Most People Will Never Be Rich

Most people will never be rich. Why? Because most people (the middle class) are investing the same way as everyone else, and everyone else is not rich. The middle class are not wealthy, and if you are going to investing like the middle class then statistically speaking you will never be wealthy. You have to change the way you think and act about investing in order to achieve financial success.

Share Trading Systems

The ASX as the Australian Securities Exchange is known, is the main stock exchange in the country. In the beginning of its history, the stock exchange consisted of a number of independent, smaller exchanges. Then in the late 19th century, they began to merge together.

Alternative Investment – Friend Or Foe

Neglecting due diligence and putting all your eggs in one basket is “playing with fire” – Even more so with the alternative investment. Let’s look at Warren Buffett as the classic example, most investors would consider his “style” alternative, he does not just find good deals, he makes them, take his latest bailout deal for example, he lends 5 billion dollars at 10% -…

Stupidity Unchained – The Curious Saga Of Today’s Stock Market

The curious set of wrong headed beliefs that are now rampant in the stock market. These beliefs would have been regarded as insane just twenty years ago. Today these beliefs are so dominant they are almost never questioned.

Pay Yourself First and Become an Automatic Millionaire

Do you pay yourself first? Here’s the thing about building wealth. The only way to build really big wealth and become the next automatic millionaire is to pay yourself first. Get your savings plan on auto pilot and go out and get financially educated on the various classes of investments and the cycles they go through so you can maximize your investment returns.

Best Return On Investment – Sure-Fire Path To Wealth Creation In Today’s Economical Crisis

With all that is going on in the economy, a lot of people are not being told the truth. Many are continuously being lied to by the media about the gradually and incessantly grim and worse economic and political realities not just nationally, but worldwide.

Deputyship and Investment Management – What You Need to Know

If you have been appointed a deputy over someone else’s affairs, you will no doubt want to learn as much as possible about the responsibilities of the role, especially if you will be required to manage that person’s investments.  This post aims to explain the key expectations of deputyship, when looking at this from the point of view of investment management.

Asset Management – A Key Element for the Success of Business

The assets of a business are considered as the lifeblood of a particular business. These are the different aspects of a business that make day-to-day operations possible. In various industries, such as those in construction and mining, assets are often very hard to manage.

Profits From Trading and Investing With Multiple Time Horizons

One of the most crucial realizations I had over the years is that profitable trading opportunities appear in many different timeframes. Today’s dynamic markets demand flexibility in trading timeframes and adaptability of trading ‘systems.’ My approach of trading in multiple timeframes tries to capture opportunities in three specific time horizons (the three buckets). The objective is to thereby reach more consistent profits.

Wealth Management Helps to Grow Your Money

Wealth management is an advisory service that encompasses investment organization and financial portfolio planning catering to several different investors. Whether the client is an already prosperous, high-net-worth Individual, or a customer seeking financial advice, investment services are the key to specialised counsel and careful planning.

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