The Meaning of True Wealth

The word “wealth” has a number of different yet related meanings. If you take a look at the dictionary, chances are you’ll find more than one definition of this term. If you try to ask ten different individuals what wealth means to each of them, you’ll probably find as many varied answers Of course, none of which is more or less correct than the others. But accurate as they may be, these explanations form only a portion of the true meaning of wealth. True wealth goes beyond the idea of material abundance or financial stability.

Money Management Strategies: Are Yours Where They Should Be?

There is a lot of talk today about various money management strategies and is your retirement really where it should be? At last look the average savings of a 60 year old individual was about $65,000.00. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that $65,000.00 is going to take me too far in my retirement; at least not in the retirement that I am hoping for!

The Importance of Saving

For some reason, many people seem to be either resistant to saving money, or just blind to the importance of it. Why do we think it’s more important to pay off debts than it is to prepare for the future? We need to save because we don’t always know what the future holds. If you could accurately predict the future and know exactly how much money you need and when you need it, it would probably even make matters worse. You would probably convince yourself you have plenty of time and procrastinate, thinking you’ll make up later for not saving today.

How to Build Wealth by Saving Thousands on Your Mortgage

Buying a home is one of the best investments, and also one of the biggest expenses you’ll have in your lifetime. If you aren’t careful, you can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. If you’re smart, you can save thousands and use that money to build wealth.

What’s Your Latte Factor?

I’m sure you’ve heard this term before. But, just in case you haven’t, it was coined by David Bach to describe those little “splurges” that may not seem like much on a daily basis, but add up to over a thousand dollars over a year. If you take it even further and calculate how much you would earn if you put the same amount in a high interest bearing account for 50 years, it comes to an astounding $2.5 million! The thing is we all have a “latte factor”. We may complain that we don’t have any extra money. We think we have cut our spending back to bare bones. But, the truth is, there are probably several items you could still cut out that would make a huge difference in your savings.

African Investing Part 1: Africa Is An Opportunity To Get Investment Right

The ripple effect of appropriate investment in Africa has strategic implications for the global investment and banking communities. The reason is that investing in Africa requires the integration of everything humanity has learned so far about human, social, natural, and financial capital. The super returns that Africa makes possible can’t be acheived any other way.

I Want You To Be Stinking Rich

The progressives who’ve ended up with power in America want you poor, and dependent upon the government for your very livelihood. I don’t. I want you to be stinking rich, and making the nation (and the world) a better place for all of us…

Financial Planning Analysis – Final Salary Pensions

Lord Hutton has announced his recommendations to the Government on public sector final salary pensions. We have set out our financial planning analysis below.

Gold and Silver Are the Number One Hedge Against a Falling Dollar

Gold is considered as a secure and a premier monetary asset of the world. Gold pricing is directly proportional to geopolitical tensions, war and financial turmoil. Since the US and the global community keep spending constantly, we expect to witness a rise in the gold pricing.

Do You Want To Be Rich Like The Millionaire Next Door?

Do you want to be rich? I don’t know anybody who doesn’t want to be rich. The answer is yes. But it was a trick question because the real question is – why do you want to be rich? Those who figure out their why almost always have the determination and drive to become rich and achieve their goals. And let’s face it the wealthier you become the more you can give back and leave a legacy.

The Expatriate’s Guide to QROPS

A guide to QROPS for expats living abroad. A look at whether QROPS are a good pension alternative for international workers.

Why Is Mark Zuckerberg Richer Than You?

One of the young billionaire whom I truly admire is Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Both Mark & I were born in the same year but he is now worth an estimated $6.9 billion.

Wealth Creation – 3 Formidable Techniques

Wealth creation is not an easy endeavor. In fact, when you engage yourself into it, you can expect a lot of hurdles to jump over. Nothing comes easy-you just have to accept that.

Three Steps to Easy Residual Income

Residual income or what is sometimes also referred to as passive income is money which is generated regularly from work an individual has done on just one occasion. Think of it as squeezing an orange and getting the juice out. But it gets better; you leave the orange somewhere and juice comes out on a regular basis even without you squeezing it.

Family Limited Partnerships – Are They Too Limited?

The Family Limited Partnership has many advantages. But one of the big advantages is to the lawyer who earns a big fee. The technique is under attack by the IRS and is not right for everyone. It has its advantages, but there are disadvantages, too.

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