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Discover Why Buying Silver Vs Gold Is The Better Investment

Silver vs gold could well outstrip demand because of the lack of above ground availability. As a precious metal silver is a particularly unique and demand is growing in spite of the current world economy… Or to put it another way because of the US dollar going under as well as uncertainty in the stock markets.

Top 3 Quotes About Money That Will Change Your Life

Read this 3 quotes to learn the secrets wealthy people are using. Apply them you life will be changed!

The Myth of Objectivity

In the context of news and media, there is a popular belief that journalists and reporters are ethically bound to avoid injecting any of their personal opinions into their work.  This assumption leads many people into a blind belief of anything that is reported by the news agencies.

How to Measure Wealth

Wealth is relative; it is not a specific amount. How long you can live in the future without working is how you define wealth.

Wealth-Building Strategies That Work

Wealth-building is NOT ‘rocket science.’ It is actually a very logical step-be-step process. Continuity and persistence are the keys!

How to Earn High Interest – 3 Options for Earning Higher Yield on Investments

The trick to knowing how to earn high interest on your money is really a question of how much risk you are willing to take and how much time you are willing to wait for your returns. People with large short term needs will obviously have to be willing to take on greater risks than those people with a longer investing time horizon. Here are a couple of options to think about when planning to do with funds that need to remain liquid.

Re-Evaluating The Perception of Success

As we continue forward into the digital age, our meaning of success evolves more and more. Success means something completely different now more than ever!

I Am Not An Expert On This, But I Am Becoming One (The Money And Wealth Article)

Wealth, we all want it, we all would love to have it. Although there are thousands of courses, manuals and everything else on how to get it. There is only one real secret to getting it, productive use of the creative mind and effort. In a departure from most of my articles, I will ay this: Consistency with those two things are also needed, as well as being able to solve the problems of others to get the wealth.

How To Have A Great Yard Sale

A yard or garage sale is a great way to unload your old junk and make a few bucks. Here are some tips for hosting a great yard sale event.

How $10 a Day Makes You a Millionaire

Would you ever think that saving $10 a day, could make you a millionaire? Surely not.

Earn Money Doing What You Actually Like Doing

Usually at the end of the month, you are have several bills staring you in the face and waiting for you to sort them out. Unfortunately, there is usually not enough money to sort all of them out. For this reason, you need to find a source of income to settle these bills.

The Best Programs For Teaching Kids About Money

When your son or daughter starts receiving an allowance, it’s time to start educating about the value of saving. One of the best ways for teaching kids about money is through a program dedicated to that goal. Here are some key elements that you should look for in a program that teaches your kids about money.

Why Some Programs on Teaching Kids About Money Don’t Work

Do you want to teach your child the value of saving money? Make sure you look for a program that is not time-consuming, boring, unprofessional, ineffective or to pricey. This article will help you find the right program for your kids to learn about saving money.

How to Save Money the Easy Way

For many people, it’s a little bit hard to save money especially when what you are earning is just about enough to sustain your needs. For others, the challenge lies on how to spend less than their income; for the rest, saving money comes last in their priorities and options. But you can always make the best use of your money and save some for.

Financial Planning – Pension Drawdown Changes From April 2011

There will be a number of changes to pensions legislation, which will take place from April 2011. This is as the result of a recent government consultation into the issue.

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