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On Writing a Novella: A Journey – 6 Tips

It is a tough job to write a short story, er a novella; but, with persistence and passion to get ideas written down is amazing an experience to cherish for life. Well, don’t ask me how. Read on and learn, a thing or two.

Sloppy or Shady?

The point here is simple. Do whatever you can to make your first impression positive. If something goes awry (which occasionally it does), own up to it, apologize, and ask for a second chance to make a great impression. Humbly admitting your mistake can work to your advantage and help you get the outcome you desire. Just don’t let your lasting impression be sloppy or shady.

Pull Out Your Superpower

What Superpower might you claim as your own? You may surprise yourself with what comes up for you, and then with just how wonderful claiming – and using – your Superpower can be.

The History of New York Airways’ Helicopter Operations

This article views the 18-year scheduled-service history of New York Airways, one of the first three rotary-wing airlines in the US. It discusses its fleet, route system, popularity, accidents, and why it failed.

Why Was Jesus Cursed?

How could the very Son of God bear the curse of God? What did He do?

How to Earn From Being a Professional Inviter

Leverage other people results. This is huge if you are just starting out online and don’t have any real substantial results to show others. You can leverage the success of your mentor, your sponsor, or anyone else who is already having success doing what you are doing… If you want to learn how to become a professional inviter and simply earn an income by inviting people to other peoples webinars and presentations so you are leveraging the results of your leaders then this is for you…

The Adams Family

What lessons can we learn from the Adams Family? How out of control was Cain? What was Abel’s role? What was the significance of the shedding of blood? How powerful did sin play in their roles?

My Scaling Up Lessons Learned

Through the years I’ve experienced countless bumps and bruises, made lots of mistakes, and had a few successes along the way. One of my biggest growth areas, though, was in my scaling up as a leader. So much of what I learned came through making my own mistakes versus learning from others. To help you avoid touching the stove (trust me, it’s hot), I compiled a list of some of my most valuable (and painful) learnings. Hope they’re helpful.

8 Main Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing uses email to build relationships with your audience. With the right communication flow, you can send relevant information and convert prospects to customers. People interested in your product or service can join your list and, through email marketing communications, learn everything they need to know to make a purchasing decision. By building your email list with your target audience (people who can benefit from your products or services), you can be sure that email marketing will become an important source of income for your business. These are 8 of the top benefits that make email marketing the perfect choice for your digital marketing activities…

New Book Provides Practical Strategies for Dream Realization

In “Put Your Dreams to Work,” Annabel Chotzen shares practical strategies for making our dreams become reality. Personal stories are shared, as well as those of others who accomplished dreams ranging from escaping Nazi Germany to skydiving. This short, powerful book is a reminder that with a little self-belief, anything is possible.

A Person Having A Migraine Headache May Not Look Sick, But They Are

Those who experience frequent migraine headaches may be considered to suffer from one of the most painful maladies known to mankind. Because people must carry on with their lives despite being in significant pain, others may not be aware of the suffering that is occurring. Approximately 36 million Americans contend with migraine headaches. Pharmacologic therapies tend to be ineffective and may have harmful side effects. Migraine headaches are the second most frequent type of headache, with tension headaches being the most common. Females have a higher prevalence than males with a 3:1 ratio. This article will provide information regarding migraine headaches and potential natural, safe treatment solutions.

Understanding Adult Child Triggers and Reactions

This article discusses triggers and reactions,, particularly as to how they pertain to the adult child syndrome. Its sections include “Triggers Defined,” Anatomy of a Trigger,” “Adult Child Triggers,” and “Processing Triggers.”

Why Does My Tap Water Smell Bad?

According to experts, your tap or well water should not taste or smell bad, as it can have a negative impact on your health. In other words, you cannot drink, cook or brush your teeth using unhealthy water. If you are on the same board, your first move is to identify the issues with your well water. Your next movie is to look for the best filtration solution. In this article, we are going to talk about some effective water filter systems that you can choose from. Read on to find out more.

The Covenant of Moses Vs The Covenant of the Spirit

Is there really any difference between being a “good Jew” and a “good Christian”? Don’t we basically obey the same laws?

The Infrastructure For Conversations About Teaching And Learning

One of the major challenges in supporting the scholarship of teaching on campus or in the disciplines, is to encourage not just those individuals who are interested in pursuing such work, but to help develop the field itself. We aim to explore the ways in which the scholarship of teaching might become positioned within the more general discourse and practice in teaching and learning. The hope, of course, is that as the scholarship of teaching is developed, it will become attractive to a larger number of faculty, and that the enterprise will ultimately raise the level of reflection about teaching and learning for all academics – teachers, administrators, and students. We can’t forget the role of students in shaping a culture of teaching and learning on campus. Their expectations about what a proper course should be can be a powerful conservative force.

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