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Gold Prospecting Tip 1 – The Physical Characteristics of Gold

Starting out in the world of Gold Prospecting? Need to know where the largest and easiest gold is? I will be making a series of articles showing gold prospecting tips, how tos and where to find the cheapest gold prospecting equipment. Gold Prospecting tip Number 1 will help you to understand the physical characteristics of gold and as a result, increase your chances of retrieving more gold for less work.

The Answer for the Police Entrepreneur Passion

Have you ever been in conversation, with a group of your peers, and a question gets posed to you and you immediately had just the right answer; “bam,” just like that? Superstar! Well that’s not what happened to me, at least with this particular conversation. It took me some time, reflection, and actually retiring from the police department, but I have come up with an answer as to how police officers, instead of working off-duty or overtime; making money for someone else, they can begin to make money, by working for themselves.

What You Should Know About Investing In Bonds

It’s a scary time to be an investor. The volatility of the stock market often makes potential investors skittish, and an equally uncertain job market often compounds that uncertainty. But stocks aren’t the only option for people looking to invest their money and hopefully see it multiply over the years, and it doesn’t take a lot of money, even for someone concerned about his or her job, to begin laying the foundation for future wealth.

How to Become Financially Free, The Mentality of the Rich

Becoming wealthy and financially free are not usually attained by spending years in college, or working at a long term career building company. There is nothing wrong with doing those things to make your living but you will never be financially free doing them. Becoming rich, wealthy, financially free, or however you would like to think about it, is all done by having the right mentality.

Offshore Bank Account Opening and Offshore Banking Benefits

An offshore bank account is an account which is set up outside the country of residence of the account holder. Offshore banking can cater to investors of all levels and the process to open an offshore account is relatively simple and similar to that of your standard local bank account. Essentially an offshore account provides the means for wealth to be protected, preserved and ultimately increased, as favorable conditions are often offered by offshore banks. These factors have contributed to the increasing number of investors opting to deposit their money in international bank accounts.

The Importance of Living A CASH ONLY Life

It’s no surprise to find out that nowadays, most of everybody’s dilemma is about finances. Money problems usually come and go but for some, it’s forever on their backs. They are chained with credit card fees, loans and other avoidable debts.

How to Grow Your Money With Different Types of Investments

One of the oldest phrases in the world is you need to have money to make money. This couldn’t be truer. Once you have some starting capital, learning how to grow your money is the easy part.

Should You Hire A Sub-Advisor?

Sub-advising is a process by which one investment advisory (IA) firm manages the investment operations for another IA firm. Sub-advisory firms are firms that specialize in money management, or portfolio management.

Why A Good Investor Should Not Hold On To Cash

Finally, a direct to the point article on why you need to be invested. Do you know that saving money is not a good financial strategy? In this article, you will learn why cash is not something you want to hold on to. Enjoy….

Bankruptcy and The History of Country Debt

With recent happenings, especially in some European countries, the issue of a country being bankrupt has been a constant matter for discussion. Having recently read the history of the colour red and the importance of collection, ownership and the use of cochineal to the Spanish Empire (and others), and that Phillip II declared Spain bankrupt four times, we wondered a little more about the history of countries declaring bankruptcy. One assumes that in ancient times ancient law would have been harsh for a country which could not pay its debts, however this was not necessarily the…

How to Make Money Right at Home – The First Step to a Wealthy Lifestyle

Between all of the gimmicks and scams out there on the internet that promise easy money online, it is hard to tell when there is one that actually works. I currently use an online work program from my own computer and I am shocked at how well it works.

5 Steps To Buying Profitable Tax Liens

But before you protect your investment and profit from it, you first need to prepare to be a successful tax lien investor by taking the steps necessary to buy profitable liens. Here are what I call the 5 STEPS to purchasing profitable tax liens.

You Can Be Rich And Broke: Cash Flow Is King

Most people look for capital gain when it comes to investing. Net worth is based on estimated value rather than actual cash flow, hence you can have a millionaire who is stone broke – asset rich but cash poor. They are worth millions but are broke at the same time, contending with past due bills. A minor financial crisis can cause them to dispose of their assets at a giveaway price. Negotiating property price with an owner who desperately needs the money is every buyers dream. When they sense the desperation, they lower their bid. They buyer calls the shots. He who has the gold makes the rules.

How to Be a Billionaire – Money Management Systems

If you always find yourself out of money because you overspent your salary or savings, then perhaps you need to learn more about managing your money instead of budgeting it. This money management strategy is all about creating habits, mindset awareness and a little understanding about your spending habits.

Build Wealth Online With Put Option Trading

The stock market is one of the most popular ways to make money. Within the stock market a very very easy way to build wealth is with options trading. I make 15 to 20% every month by trading options, more specifically put options.

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