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How to Track Your Spending

Getting hold of your finances is one of the things that can make you more money and land you faster at your financial freedom destination. People who think they know where their money goes are quick to discover the bitter truth when they start placing a tab on their spending.

Is There a Secret to the Rich Being So Rich?

Have you ever wondered how the rich get so rich? Have you sat and wondered if there’s a secret, and if so, what the secret is? Believe it or not, there is a secret to obtaining wealth, but it most likely is not what you think.

What Are the Different Banking Accounts You Can Hold?

Current account is slightly different from your savings account. Your savings accounts are often associated with your work place. But a current account is a transactional account which allows for multiple transactions such as withdrawals and multiple deposits.

Bank CD Rates and Other Form of Wise Investment!

High returns on your investment with bank CD rates, mutual funds and the lowest returns is on fixed deposits. Fixed deposits are covered under tax exemption and are locked for five years duration.

Top 5 Asset Management Trends For 2010

Asset management has always been known to be close to people who belong to the finance domain. The recent event of sub-prime crisis and its ensuing effects has resulted in people being extremely cautious about their assets and investment of their assets. Safeguarding the assets then became an important point of thinking.

What Makes a Good Spread Betting Firm

Too many people are joining poor Spread Betting companies because they offer good joining bonuses. This article looks the the factors that are much more important when choosing which Spread Betting Company to join.

How to Make $5000 Every Hour – Increase Your Cash Flow

How to make $5000 an Hour. Sound Crazy? Well its not really. It all depends on your cash flow, the amount of money, from revenue, commission and profits you keep from operating a business. Now I know that I prefer it being my cash flow, and not someone else’s.

Financial Freedom – Break Away From the Pack

The best way to create room for yourself in the crowded marketplace is to break away from the pack, and be yourself. It is very tempting to switch off your brains and try to copy someone else. Being original requires a quality thinking process, and thinking is hard work, which is why very few folks engage in this past time. It is very easy to stop thinking and follow the crowd. To look at what other people are doing that seems to work, and follow suit.

A Smorgasbord of Investment Tips From Buffett

Warren Buffett is probably the most widely read, but most ignored, business leader in the world. Buffett’s annual letter to his Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) shareholders is always widely anticipated by investors for its investment insights, humour and market views. This year’s effort doesn’t disappoint.

High Yield Savings Tips and Resources For Consumers

High yield savings refers to financial accounts that accrue a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts. In order to obtain the highest annual percentage yield, consumers should look for banks that compound interest daily.

Spread Betting Firms – How to Chose Them

There are a growing number of Spread Betting Firms and you they differ greatly in their quality. If you are thinking of joining one there are 4 key factors you need to look for. This articles discusses them.

Personal Wealth – Three Strategies For Increasing Personal Wealth – Simple and Easy to Understand

Increasing personal wealth begins with having the right “road map” when it comes to spending money. If your spending encourages personal wealth building and if you are consistent, you will start building wealth.

Save Money, Build a Nest Egg

It’s not always easy to save money, and we hear all the time how awful Americans are at saving money. Is it that we’re not good at it, don’t have enough money, or don’t want to?

Wealth is Coming to Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world. With some 4 billion people residing here, it contains over 60% of the world’s population. Here’s the good news: Wealth is also coming to Asia. 5 reasons why.

Metal Detector Secrets – Five Top Locations to Go For Gold

Every year or so another story appears in the press with a fantastic story of how some lucky fellow with a metal detector has unearthed a hoard of treasure of ancient provenance. In some cases, these buried troves of treasure are valued in the millions and the chap with the metal detector ends up pocketing half the proceeds.

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