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The Mind – The Ultimate ATM

Wealth is created in the mind! Take a moment and soak up that concept for a moment. The whole economy is based on the idea that money can be exchanged for the acquisition of real tangible things used in everyday life.

How Can I Make More Money and Get Out of Debt?

Debt is a four-letter word that no one likes. Debt can stress you out, wear you down and ruin your life. 43% of American families spend more than they earn each year. The average American can have up to tens of thousands of dollars of debt in student loans, car payments, credit card bills and mortgages. How can you get out of debt? The simple solution is to spend less and earn more. While many people complain that they do not earn enough cash to begin paying off their looming debt, there are many ways to earn a few extra bucks outside of your regular job.

Who Profits From a Recession?

Are economic recessions planned. After close scrutiny, the evidence would suggest an affirmative response. Oil, gas, gold, silver, and fiat money are carefully controlled and manipulated to achieve an outcome that will benefit a few. By working with a financial group one can put the odds of success in his favor.

How to Buy Gold Bullion Coins

Buying gold can be done in two ways. You can buy gold bar bullion or invest in numismatic gold coins. Most gold coin buyers are either buying to build wealth or are serious collectors where quality is important. Here are some points to consider on how to buy gold in either gold bars or gold coins.

Great Tips on How to Be Rich

Being rich can be accounted for on various terms. Some people may feel rich if they are surrounded by their family or close relatives. Others count richness based in the number of their friends or fullness of heart due to service rendered for the good of humanity.

How to Gain Profit Without the Sweat

Profit as described by some economist, refers to the difference between income and expense. It is due to this concept that most people work doubly hard nowadays to keep up with the busy and expensive life in today’s world. Some people have two or three jobs just to be able to cover their various living expenses.

Buy Gold and Silver Now – 7 Valid Reasons to Be Investing in Silver and Gold Bullion

Experts are now proclaiming that we’ve seen the worst of the year-long credit crisis, housing slump and economic slowdown. Before you rush out and trade your precious gold and silver for depreciating paper dollars, take off those rose-colored glasses and examine the real facts behind the hype.

Creating True Wealth Within Your Lifetime

Today, I am going to provide you with knowledge that 99.9% of the world may know but will never apply within their lifetime. You see, when you understand what it takes to create true wealth within your lifetime, you can go anywhere and experience anything you like.

Financial Freedom – Commissions Are Better Than Wages and Profits Are Better Than Commissions

Strong statement. But why is this true? Well, with a wage, you make the same no matter how hard you work (at least for the short term and then if you don’t work you get nothing.) With commissions, the harder you work, the more you receive. The better you get and you receive even more.

3 Things You Should Know About Making Money!

Understanding what money is, what it is used for, and how to keep it flowing into your life. This all sounds so simple right? How much money is flowing into your life? Is it always there when you require it to be? Do you understand the true value of your service or opportunity? Are you making the income you feel you deserve? Is money steadily flowing into your life as much as it is flowing out? The sooner you truly understand these three truths, the more abundant your life will become!

Rare US Gold Coins – A Safe Hedge

For the keen collector and diversified investor, U. S. coins deliver both personal and economic rewards. More specifically, acquiring rare U.S. Coins is considered a sound investment.

Easy Ways on How to Earn Money

Money is used as medium of exchange on transactions that are being performed by people for their every day living. In ancient times, in place of money, common items with value had been used for bartering or exchange of goods for another one in particular. For example, yams may be exchanged for milk from cows.

Freedom Or Security? Wealth Won’t Come to Those Who Wait!

So, you want wealth? Are you planning to win the Lottery, or marry a millionaire? How many millionaires have proposed to you? What are the chances of winning the Lottery? Can you make these things happen? Of course not! But there is something you do have control over. You can build your own wealth.

Time to Be Optimistic in Equities?

I often adhere to a strict investment philosophy based on fundamentals taught by Warren Buffett. I am not concerned with how a stock performs a day, a month, or even a year after I pick it. I am concerned only with the business itself.

How to Control Your Thoughts

Now consider this. All the powers of the Universe are already yours. It’s just you who have put yourself in darkness, you are just what your thoughts have made you.

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