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Forex Trading – What Is a Pip?

Forex pairs move in increments of pips – for every pip the pair moves in your favour, you make money, for every pip the pair moves against you, you lose money. Usually the pip is the fourth decimal place in the quoted exchange rate, though if the pair is quoted in Japanese yen then a pip is the second decimal place.

Understanding Live Forex Charts

The Forex market is the most liquid trading market in the world, and that also makes it the most dynamic market. Traders regularly make and lose tons of money in this market and for the most part, many new entrants find it highly confusing and overwhelming. As a trader in the Forex market, knowing current events as they unfold, and trends as they form, is crucial to your strategy and trading plan.

Currency Trading Strategies Simplified

Forex traders generally employ one of two strategies while trading currency – Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis. Each of the strategies themselves can be executed differently, through means that individual traders pick for themselves. However, technical or fundamental forms the guiding principle behind a trader’s actions and decisions in the market.

Tips on How to Trade the GBP/USD

The GBP/USD is the most popular and the most volatile currency pair of all the major Forex currencies. The reason for its volatility is simply due to its popularity; more traders’ means more movement in the market. This makes the GBP/USD a very profitable currency pair to trade, but it also makes it susceptible to big swings and erratic behaviour.

Eight Fool-Proof Advantages of Trading on Forex Over Trading on Futures or Stocks

Lots of friends and family members asked me about investing in stocks, futures or small start up. Frankly, based on my education in International Finance, I have traded in stocks, futures and currency exchange (Forex). I find it, the most interesting trade is in Forex. Here I abstracted eight fool-proof advantages of Forex over stocks and futures trades ranging from its sheer size, mechanism of setting profit and loss level, 24-hour availability, low start up, commission free, control, rollover and selection. This list is not in priority order as I consider them all are important and they are listed in numeral and alphabetical order. I did not cover risk as I consider risk is an individual discretion depending on the type of personality. To put it another way, all investments carry certain degree of risk. It is up to individual to take the risk depending on whether they are risk averse or risk taker. This article will help any individual decide to take up or not to take up Forex trading as an investment mechanism. It is however not a guarantee of success as one must consult Forex professional to get further advice.

The Gold Standard to Today – History of the Forex Market

Discussion of the history of the Forex market, including the gold standard system and the Bretton Woods system. Forex trading is a relatively new investment for individual investors and traders – from the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system in the 1970s until 1995 only banks and large corporations were able to trade Forex. Today the market is accessible to everyone, largely due to developments in technology. The growth in the Forex market has been unprecedented, and it is now the largest financial market in the world, with nearly USD4 trillion being traded a day.

Forex Trading – Tutorials and Online Courses Are Crucial for Success!

This is an article for all of you no-commerce educated students and all of the others that have no economical background. Recently the Forex industry has had a major makeover, getting investments for many new traders and entrepreneurial which had nothing to do with Forex Trading before and that is thanks to many online training courses and tutorials.

Are Forex Tutorials Comparable to Business Courses?

Forex online trade investments need to be sincere & hence investors need proper forex training. Forex tutorials and forex for beginners courses need to be as good as business training courses.

5 Myths About Forex Online Trading

Forex online trading had always been an underrated profession till only recently, when the web itself catapulted it into the limelight. Once it had been recognized by potential investors as well as forex online entrepreneurs as a great opportunity to make money as well as build a huge capital-oriented network in the cash-rich currency market, learning forex has been one of the chief aims of people around the world. However, considering the fact that this whole profession had been shrouded in an enigma until now, there are considerably a large number of myths that surround forex for beginners…

Islamic Swap-Free Forex Accounts Becoming Fashionable

The recent trend in the fast evolving forex industry is the preference of forex traders to opt for Islamic or swap free forex trading accounts, which is certainly the preferred method of trading for practicing Muslims. Islamic forex accounts are essentially forex trading accounts that do not earn and are not charged interest, a practice forbidden according to the principals of Islam.

Can Anyone Trade Forex in a Competitive Market?

The cutthroat market begs the question: can anyone trade forex? The use of professional skills is not an essential requirement. You can get away with experience and luck.

The Reasons As to Why Forex Is Becoming So Popular Today

There are specific reasons as to why forex is becoming so popular in the current market. The increase in interest started about three years ago as people learnt to use the tools that the internet was providing. There are hundreds of little adverts on television and in the print media which are designed to entice entrepreneurs into joining this sector.

Ten Rules for a Profitable Forex Trading

Just like any human endeavor, there are certain “rules” that guide my Forex trading. They may not be applicable to everyone, but they did wonders to my Forex deals. Because of the immeasurable benefits I reaped out of following hard after them, I named them “Ten Rules for a Profitable Forex Trading.”

A Complete FAP Turbo Review

FAP Turbo is one of the most well-known options when it comes to automated forex programs. This is software designed to give you a leg up in your trading in the currency exchange by taking the entire process from analytics to investing to even exiting your position out of your hands as it’s all done automatically. These programs have become incredibly popular amongst investors of all experience levels because you need neither the time nor the experience to see reliable profits come out of the market.

3 Tips For Selecting the Best Software for Currency Trading

There are plenty of different options when it comes to software for currency trading which are all vying for your attention and claiming to be the best. This is of course technology which automatically places and ends trades for you in the forex market 24 hours a day seven days a week. The program first works to look to and identify high probability trading opportunities in the current market using mathematical algorithms based on successful trading techniques.

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