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A Wealth Building System That Begins With a Dream

If you are not happy with the level of financial success you’ve achieved, you are not alone. Whether you are making a decent income or unemployed, dissatisfaction is common. You must put yourself on the right track by first defining what financial success means to you and guiding your activities towards building wealth.

Who Else Wants to Know the Best Wealth Building System?

In today’s times of major economic turmoil and predictions of an even larger economic disaster looming, we need to find a wealth building system that will allow us to gain control of our finances, build wealth and then protect the wealth we gain. The very first thing you need to do is take responsibility for your life. That is the basic premise that you must operate under to be successful — the “secret sauce” if you will.

Wealth Building & Inflation – A Losing Combination

Inflation is the most pervasive of all economic uncertainties.  It affects every part of our lives.  But when we want to want to create a wealth building strategy that is when it affects us the most.

How to Build Your Own Residual Income 2010

Think about your life 30 years from now and I can bet my bottom dollar that you’re thinking of a great retirement plan, comfortable in every way with a cherry on top, right? Well, not all of us get to retire the way we’d like to because the economy fluctuates and our finances are hard to save sometimes. This is the sole reason why many people look for a residual income and you should too.

Attaining Millionaire Status

A lot of people look at millionaire status as far-fetched, something almost impossible, but only If they would change their thinking. Becoming a millionaire is like a journey, just like heading to London is a journey. In the case of traveling to London, you made up your mind to go to London; you didn’t just jump in any plane and found yourself in London. So, with becoming a millionaire, you need to make up your mind, and find the right vessel to take you there; which would be in form of financial education.

The Four Common Characteristics Of Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are managed by a hedge fund advisory firm, which may be run by an individual portfolio manager or a team of managers, but the firm makes all decisions regarding the fund’s investment activities. The fund itself is organized as a limited liability entity whose partners, members, or shareholders are passive investors with little or no voting rights.

Become Rich – Little Known Secrets

To become rich is almost always the first thing on people’s wish list of goals and achievements. The following article looks into a few known means of making money which not many people are completely open to.

Increasing Your Money & Wealth Intelligence

In today’s world, money and wealth intelligence is one subject that everyone must master. You do not have the choice to take this as an optional class but as a core subject of life which requires your learning and constant attention! While most people mistaken that money intelligence is all about, the truth is it is not only about money. It is about focusing on building a life of security and passion for what you love and for the people whom you love. It is about knowing yourself and maximizing the fullest potential of your God given talents and your wealth.

How to Save for a Car

These days, there’s little doubt that owning and maintaining a vehicle is costly, despite how commonplace they have become. This is probably why it can be easy to get dobbed by a used car scam – sellers are selling vehicles at appealing rock bottom prices that we simply want to believe are true. It’ll be best to save up your pennies for a good quality and safe car than buy a cheap and dodgy lemon that you’ll end up paying more for in the long term.

Several Tips to Becoming Rich

The unfortunate thing is, most people in the world will never be rich. Becoming wealthy is something over 99% of the population will never do. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen for yourself.

Becoming Wealthy

The thing is, everyone can’t and won’t ever be rich. Becoming wealthy is something the majority of the population will never achieve. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be obtained.

Financial Advice

I go into a bit of depth about the principles that make the following five steps to financial freedom work. Each of these steps is a time-tested saving or investing lesson that can be used individually. When put together, they make for a powerful long term wealth building plan.

Earned, Passive and Portfolio Income

There are 3 types of income generally; earned income, passive income and portfolio income. Earned income comes from being an employee or working for someone else. You get paid for the hour you spent doing a particular task you are engaged to do. Most people will say that workers work just hard enough not to get fired and employers pay just enough for workers not to quit.

They’re Stealing Our Money – A Conspiracy Against Your Money

We all know our economy sucks right now. Many think we will be in this recession for a long time. Others think the end is in site.

Save Money by Spending Less

A lot of people are on the quest to get rich, and do everything from getting an extra job, to learning the new investment tips, but they fail to do one thing; spend less to save more. If you learn to watch your spending habits, and pay only for what you need, in time, your monies would accumulate.

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