ETFs Versus Mutual Funds – Which is Right For You?

In recent years more and more investors are selecting Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) over mutual funds. But what exactly is an ETF, and how do they differ from the mutual fund? The two have some similarities such as allowing investors to diversify their assets among numerous sectors of the market.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? How Millions Can Be Made With a Small Investment

If you have been looking for a way to make your first million, with a small investment, and without the great degree of risk that normally accompanies such offers, then this article is for you. Is there a way for such a feat to be accomplished?

What is Wealth? Does Wealth Matter?

Wealth can mean something different to every person. Here is an account of what I believe wealth is and what it can provide in your life.

How to Find Money You Didn’t Know You Had!

Times are tough! This recession that began towards the end of 2008 and has stretched on into 2010 is really taking its toll on just about everybody across the board throughout the country.

Is Having Lots of Money the Most Important Thing in the World? The Answer is Both Yes and No

What would you say if somebody asked you if you thought that having lots of money is the most important thing in the world? By lots of money, I mean big money – The amount you would have if you won a lotto jackpot.

Building Wealth Independently

The secret of wealth building is learning to save. Balancing your income with your expenses determines your budget. To get a savings plan out of this, you have to learn how to limit your expenses, so that you would have adequate amount left to save for future occurrences.

Income Opportunities Often Lose Money!

With the recession biting harder than ever and with unemployment on the rise more and more people are seeking out income opportunities with a view to increasing their disposable income. Call me skeptical, but every time I hear about a new income opportunity, I can’t help thinking it through and trying to get to the bottom of whether this is going to make the income opportunities seeker rich or is he going to lose money on the deal. I also try to work out every angle of the purveyor and see what his upside is.

A Brief Introduction to Joint and Survivor Annuities and Its Rules

Also known as Joint Life annuities, Joint and Survivor annuities are intended for and opened by two individuals. In this case, both recipients can expect compensation throughout their lifetime, even if one of them dies.

Personal Financial Help That Challenges the Status Quo

When it comes to personal financial help, don’t settle for the same old, same old. Challenge yourself to do a little research and get a better understanding of how conventional financial advice translates to your bottom line.

Put Your Money Where it Will Do the Most Good

The economic crash of 2008 and the lingering recession to borderline depression is leaving a lot of people wondering what to do with what little funds they have. You probably have wondered more than once if a bank is truly the place to leave your money?

Economists and Lawyers

Economics is an inexact science and therefore is heavily reliant on the flow of current information and research. The role of an economist is to analyze economic data and to report critically on their findings. Today’s economist is required to have an extended view of commerce in general, which apart from encompassing international economic considerations, evaluates the consequences and varying scenarios that are the product of legislative and political decision making.

Schools Do Not Teach Kids About Money

Unless you majored in Economics or Marketing in college, it is likely that throughout your school years, you were taught absolutely nothing about money and how to handle it. Amazing that something that so profoundly affects our entire adulthood is completely overlooked in most school systems.

Create True Wealth – Get Wealthier Beyond Doubt

Making money has become easier now a days and there are many officially authorized ways to do it. One should have a good knowledge and focus on what he or she is doing. Bringing many innovative concepts into their business will make them grow rapidly. Multi level marketing can serve as the best option if one wants to create true wealth.

The Number One Reason Why You Should Develop a Residual Income

You’ve heard or read about the concept of residual income. You love the idea of getting a monthly income that you long ago stopped working for, but you wonder, “Is it really worth all the time and effort?”

Wealth Management – Habits of Saving and Tracking Your Spendings

One of the main reasons why many people fail to see their wealth is that they tend to spend more than they save. This habit is known as the earn-spend-save habit. Unfortunately, I used to be like one of these people who have this habit.

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