Easy Ways to Save $1,000

Vacation season is upon us and it can be tempting to pull out the plastic. To enjoy a vacation that you are not paying for when the next vacation season rolls around, consider a plan that costs $1,000 or less and pay cash. You will no doubt enjoy your vacation more knowing that you will return home with only your memories and without credit card bills…

Saving Money – 35 Pieces of Advice to Save

There are only 2 ways to grow your wealth – Increase your income (by earning more and saving more) or decrease your costs. Here are a few money saving ideas that everyone can put in place…

Wealth – 10 Basic Steps to Achieving It

Everyone wants to be wealthy. Only a few actually achieve it though so following these steps could help put you into that minority group of the rich. Check out these 10 steps then apply them to your own personal situation…

Increase Your Business with a New “Old” Method: Vaastu Shastra

Whether an established conglomerate or a fledgling company, a business in the red or black, from home or from office – everyone loves a helping hand. If the tooth fairy existed life would be much simpler, but since she hasn’t paid us a visit in a long time Vaastu Shastra might be a good alternate.

Investing is About Discipline

Investing is about discipline. If you don’t have it then walk away from the idea of being rich…

The Philosopher’s Stone

“If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher’s stone” – Benjamin Franklin Ok, so how do you do it?

Pennies From Heaven

Did you know our beliefs and thoughts are reflected in the world around us? Look again at that penny you just saw on the ground. Did someone just lose a penny or is there another meaning behind it? Do you wonder whether or not you should pick it up?

Russ Whitney – Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Colleges and universities teach you math and science, but they don’t teach you how to make money, nor do they teach you how to protect your money.

How To Be the Ultimate American Consumer

Feel like a lemming lately? Ready to follow the crowd into the great plunge of Ultimate American Consumerism? Just in case you need a little help, here is a tongue-in-cheek look at how to continue the process of becoming the Ultimate American Consumer!

Financial Planning For Singles

The article provides solutions to specific issues and challenges facing singles trying to plan for their retirement and get control of their finances.

Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the power to do what you will with your life without being forever bound by lack of money and over burdened by debt. This worthwhile goal can be achieved by anyone through careful planning and persistence.

Financial Planning for Beginners

Financial planning at an early age may seem complicated, however it can be easier than you might think. At the age of 25 most of us are just beginning our married life, and there are homes and automobiles to buy and children to plan for. This leaves little time to plan for the future.

Does the Moon Have Covers?

The diligent saver will also find strategies to protect his/her net worth. This article highlights the importance of a strategy employed by many and encourages every investor to remain educated.

Jobless? You Stand To Be Rich!

Learn how a homeless man became rich without a job. How much money have you unknowingly missed out on?

Warren Buffet: Wisdom from the World’s Richest Investor

In light of the dominant mindset overshadowing the market these days, a breath of fresh air might be welcome. This month, we’re devoting this space to wisdom from Warren Buffett, the world’s richest investor.

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