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How to Become Wealthy – The Real Way

This is the real story about wealth creation, and what wealth really is. You have to understand what it really is, and isn’t, in order to create it. Wealth is not a high income, it is ownership of assets that are growing in value. This is something that needs to be built – over time by most people.

Increase Your Savings

Everybody needs to be saving at least 10% or more of their income. Unfortunately many of us fail to save even a fraction of that amount. This can lead to serious problems because without regular savings you will have no way to set money aside for retirement. Here are some ways that you can increase the amount you save.

Employer’s Obligations to Pay Superannuation in Australia

If you employ anyone, you are obligated to pay a minimum of 9% of their normal ordinary earnings into a super fund. The payments must be made at least quarterly within 28 days of the end of each quarter. Ordinary earnings do not include overtime but may include many types of award payments such as bonuses.

What Is Superannuation?

In Australia superannuation (super) is a retirement program covered by government legislation. It is designed to provide and encourage individuals to build a nest egg they can draw on in retirement. Part of the government’s incentive to encourage super is provided by tax concessions on both contributions and withdrawals.

14 Tips for Building Wealth

Learn several helpful tips on how you can speed up the process of wealth accumulation. From avoiding ‘get rich quick’ schemes to buying a used car, the 14 Tips to Building Wealth is a crash course in saving money, investing wisely and rational decision making for your financial future.

The Pendulum Of Your Life

Here is a principle from the Kybalion that will help you change the direction of your life and find happiness. When the momentum of the swing of the pendulum in one direction runs out, it eventually swings the other way.

Investing Advantages of the Middle Class

Notorious BIG was right when he sang “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” When mutual funds decide to invest in a company, their funds are so large they have to buy millions and millions of shares. How can the middle class use this to their advantage?

The Best Way We Can Go About Helping Others Is To Help Others Help Themselves

The world we live in is turning out to be a world where no one is helping others. The world we live in is more interested in self-gratification then it is with what we can do to help others. We need to turn around and realize that without other people in the equation there can not and never will be any lasting accomplishments in this life.

Help Me With Money! What to Do When You Feel Stuck Financially

Are you feeling stuck with your financial situation? Are you feeling lost when it comes to money? Are you living a life where constant financial struggle is part of your everyday experience? Being stuck with money problems is one of the most stressful, frustrating, and humiliating experiences people can go through.

Investing for 200 Years

Tonight at my son’s Cub Scout meeting they had a reptile expert come show his various reptiles that they’ve rescued. He talked about how a big problem is that…

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

In full disclosure, I am a financial advisor and for objectivity’s sake I’m going to pretend for a moment that I’m terminally ill and this is the advice that I’m giving to my existing clients on choosing someone other than me. First of all, I think that you have to decipher fees versus costs.

Annuities Part 1: The Different Types of Annuities

It seems that the public’s perception of annuities is changing toward a positive view. Frankly, as a financial advisor my own view of annuities has changed.

How to Set Up a Hassle Free, Workable Home Budget!

One of the key aspects of creating a successful financial plan for a year is to establish a workable home budget that deals with your expenses, manages your debt and also builds your savings at the same time! A home budget can be defined as a plan that pre-determines your spending goals, spread over a certain period of time.

What’s the Difference Between The Federal Reserve and The US Treasury Department?

Most of us know the heads of these organizations: Ben Bernanke as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve (Alan Greenspan being his predecessor) and Timothy Geithner as the Secretary of the Treasury (Henry “Hank” Paulson being his predecessor). But it’s not always obvious how each of them is functioning.

Bonds Part 2: What Else Affects Price Movements?

In the previous article on bonds (“Part 1”) I gave an analogy to help readers understand how bond prices can move based on how the interest rate environment changes. Let’s go back to that hypothetical bank lobby where we’ll pretend that you can buy and sell CDs to illustrate how other things can affect bond prices.

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