Financial Freedom Comes From The Mindset Of A Millionaire

If you look at the financial education backgrounds of the rich businessmen, you are able to find out that most of them received an education from the most prestigious business schools around the world. If you are going to ask them, it is an investment to study and be ready for the real life. Prior to financial security, and financial freedom they first invested on their very own education.

Building Wealth Online With Call Option Trading

Ok, most people are taught that the only way to make money is by investing in the stock market. They are also taught that the only way to make money in the stock market is to buy stocks and hold on to them over time until you are in your 60’s or 70’s and ready to retire. Well, times have changed quite a bit and buying and holding stocks over a long time might be one of the worst investment decisions you can make.

Building Wealth – Many Ways to Do It – Pt 1

Building wealth is a lot easier than you think it is. A very successful investor once told me “successful investing is supposed to be boring…like watching paint dry.” Wealth building with passive income is exactly like watching paint dry. It should be a very mechanical,automated, and boring task if done right. I make monthly income in the stock market and the process has become so boring I now focus on making money online.

The Wealth Mindset

Wealth is a mindset. It is not about money or material things although it can manifest through having abundance of money and material things. You can have a lot of money and not be wealthy. Wealth flows from abundance, from giving. The most sustainable way to receive is by giving.

What Are Treasury Futures, and How to Trade Them Using A Treasury Bonds Futures Trading System

Before I explain you what Treasury Futures are, let me explain you what Treasury Bonds are. A ‘Treasury Bond – T-Bond’ is issued with a minimum denomination of $1,000.

Maximize Your Financial Potential Today!

There are many basic things that many people do not know about how to improve their financial lives right from home. Financial prosperity doesn’t happen to people who wait around to get it. It is created by people who use the tools they have to create what they want.

How Anyone Can Achieve the Wealth of the 1%

If you are trying to reach the wealth of the richest 1% in the world, it is important to have a plan to reach this goal. Conventional knowledge doesn’t explain how to get to earn the wealth and quality of life of the rich 1%.

How to Rent Your Way to Wealth

Is it possible to become wealthy as a renter? Absolutely! How? It is quite easy really. The concept of renting is not a negative to creating wealth as many people would have us believe. On the contrary, renting can and does offer some very advantageous benefits to your wealth creation program.

The Mentality of a Millionaire – How to Think About Wealth in a Magnetic Way

Many people can not achieve the level of wealth they want because they simply are not thinking the right way to do it. Becoming rich or wealthy does not involve the bad things normally associated with it like illegal gambling, greed, dishonesty, or many other negative things. Becoming wealthy requires more positive thinking than anything else.

Financial Freedom Roadmap: The Final 2 Hidden Destinations Revealed – 5 Minute Formula

Did you know that financial freedom is available to anyone who adjusts their approach to earning income and makes it their business to accumulate a specific dollar amount of money/capital? Well, if your goal is to reach the financial freedom finish line (and it should be!), then just like any goal setting, one of the keys is having absolute clarity on what your end goal looks like. So, what does financial freedom look like? Read on to discover the visual reality of financial freedom using this 5 minute formula! Damn, she sure is mighty pretty!

Biggest Cause of Trading Failure

If I could nail down one reason and one reason only on why people fail in the trading business, it would be this. They had a position size that was too big for their trading account. Trade size is the number one factor that makes people disappear.

My 4 Easy Steps to Massive Wealth Building

A not so famous millionaire once told me the following words… “money is just an idea..people who lack money simply lack ideas.” At first I just thought it was a cool and catchy phrase. But, over time I have come to realize how true this is. In my investing career I amazed at how many different ways there are to make money. I am also amazed at how little the average person knows about investing.

Trading Data to Action – An Intelligent Way to Read the Market

Jesse Livermore once stated, “There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.” Reading the tape can be broken down into specific pieces that if followed can increase the chances and probabilities of success. The decisions that are made trading are the same type of decisions that are made in business and in everyday life. The act of looking at the market can be overwhelming if not taken in chunks. Drawing upon the work done in Business Intelligence, the steps for breaking down the market are as follows. Look at the data, determine what the data is showing provides information, draw insights from that information; make informed decisions, and then put those decisions into action. Sounds simple. Let’s look at each one more closely.

Creating Wealth for Your Kids

Creating wealth for kids starts with a parent’s attitude to wealth and wealth creation. If a parent has no value on wealth creation chances are their children will not either. Where a parent has a high value on wealth creation chances are their children will also learn these same attitudes to money. Wealth is not a mystery it is achieved through diligent application of some basic principles and processes.

Being an Entrepreneur in 2011 – Why Is It So Different, Or Is It?

To me, entrepreneurship is so much more than a broad definition. It contains many different aspects that correlate in order to reach one goal. Entrepreneurs find ways of generating money in different ways, by not only incorporating generic ways of doing things, but also fusing unconventional ways, ways often referred to as “thinking outside the box.”

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