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3 Steps to Making 1 Million!

Money is for some the ultimate measure. For this very same reason a lot of people act as if its not important and choose to accept or endure a life less fulfilled, and concentrate on things like spirituality, their health, relationships etc – all of which are tremendously important.

Portfolio Risk Management – It’s More Than Just Asset Allocation

Every financial literature and tutorial has drilled into our brains that asset allocation is one of the basic fundamental tenets of portfolio management. Financial publications, peer-reviewed literature, and books have observed that asset allocation is the significant contributor to the total return. This contribution factor varies anywhere from 50% to 95% depending upon how the data is analyzed with reference to timescale, markets and asset coverage, dividends, inflation, and what not parameters.

Currency Trading Training For New Currency Traders

To make profits out of foreign currency trading, you need to know the basics and be able to understand how the market moves. Currency trading training provides you a good and profitable start that is based on lesser risks and bigger chances of success.

Gold’s Mine – And Why You Should Keep Yours, Too

Are you paying attention to all of the advertisements that are popping up on radio, TV, in print, and even on billboards concerning gold? If you have gold jewelry you can send it in and get back a hefty check in the mail. What’s more, if you live in a major metropolitan area or close to one there are scheduled events that you can attend to have your valuable items appraised and secure cash in hand before you leave. There are even “gold parties” where individuals set up a meeting in their home. One participant in this trend calls it “your grandma’s new-age Tupperware party”- same idea; you supposedly leave feeling a little richer than before you came.

Do You Manage Your Finances Like GM Or Exxon?

As a financial planner, I have always tried to get people to see their finances as a business, in which they were the CEO and their financial planner was their CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Their tax guy/gal was their Treasurer and yet they were the quarterback in charge of their “financial team”. When it comes to your finances no one is going to care more about taking care of things than YOU!

4 Ways to Build Wealth

The difference between wealthy people and the rest of us is that the wealthy have taken advantage of the four basic tools for building wealth: owning a business, buying and selling stocks, managing real estate, and minimizing taxes. To make use of any of these four simply means educating yourself and applying yourself.

7 Ways to Create Financial Freedom

I understand you may be feeling nervous about the upcoming months. Have you put your dreams on the backburner? Are you going to wait for the economy to settle before you pursue goals?

Generating Wealth Through Creating Value

It is commonly believed that time is money! Well this is not always the case, particularly if it is money you are trying to make.

How to Get What You Want Even Quicker

Human beings are strange creatures, its not that we don’t know what we want because we often do, not that we don’t know what we need to do, because again we usually do. As the often quoted joke goes, if you want to lose weight stop eating crap, or if you want to get rich, spend less than you earn. Simple right!

Earn Extra Cash Quickly and Easily

Everybody could use some extra cash these days. How about you? Learn some of the ways you can do just that, quickly and easily.

How to Find an Exciting Opportunity

When trying to find an exciting opportunity the best way to do this is to pay attention to what other people are saying. Even though there are a lot of hyped opportunities that may not be that great. You can actually find some descent ones if you look long enough.

Personal Finances – How to Keep Your American Dream From Turning Into a Nightmare!

No doubt that the financial crisis our country is facing may be creating a little worry, fear and panic in our country. There are financial strategies that can weather this storm. At the same time, remember these moments as more MILLIONAIRES are being born and raised. And millionaires are on the path to becoming BILLIONAIRES! Are you rising to the occasion?

Financial Independence a Desirable and Achievable Goal

Financial independence is not limited to a certain percentage of society. You already have within you what it takes to become financially independent, you just have to look inside of your own mind. We all have the ability to obtain the level of wealth we desire. Take a chance on yourself and just see what you can accomplish.

Find Your Free Unclaimed Money

There are billions and billions of dollars in free government money given away each and every year to American citizens just like you and I. There are also an enormous amount of charitable organizations, private foundations, and major corporations that are willing to, and in fact depending on, giving away even more free money to the average Joe.

How Youths Can Create Wealth During This Global Economic Melt Down (Recession)

It is no more news nor story that the world is facing economic recession now. This was caused by great losses recorded by major industries and financial institutions. Mismanagement, wrong declaration of profits, huge expense on oil are some reasons why this occurred. The US government for example moved to bail out some of their major financial institutions, London, Germany, Japan moved by reducing interest rates. This has caused loss of jobs, downsizing, blocking of employment, cutting of expenditure on capital expenditures by government and hardship for humanity. It’s the beginning of another recession.

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