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Free Your Business Potential

What could be better than setting up your own business, becoming your own boss and freeing yourself from having to work for someone else? Creating a successful business is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life as well as providing you with the potential to build assets.

10 Reasons Why Property is One of the Best Investments

There has been so much negativity written about property over the last few years that many people have been led to believe that you cannot create wealth through investing in property. However, I believe that property is still one of the best types of investment for anyone with the desire to build real long term wealth and financial security.

Make Money to Get Rich Quicker – The 8 Fundamental Principles

Many people all over the world have a desire to make money and get rich as soon as possible but the question remains how? This article presents the eight proven principles required for one to make money, get rich and stay rich.

“$32,792 in Your First Month” – The Pique Technique in Action

The pique technique is an example of the indirect, or peripheral, route to persuasion. In the original study, a panhandler either asked passers-by for “a quarter” or “37 cents.” When the request was for “37 cents” passers-by were 60% more likely to accede to the request. This technique has been applied to sales letters in recent years.

Can You Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time? Here Are Some Fast Cash Ideas

Imagine if you just made an extra $50 a day in your spare time. That may not be enough money to allow you to quit your day job, but that’s an extra $1,500 in your pocket a month, which could help pay your mortgage, car payment and groceries. By having an entrepreneurial spirit and an eagerness to make money, you can quickly pull in some extra cash.

Wealth – What is It?

Wealth is a word that almost everyone uses yet fails to understand. There are many definitions of wealth because most experts fail to agree on a precise meaning. Therefore it is essential we come to a basic agreement as to how the word wealth is defined here.

Does Free Money Really Exist? Find Out Now!

With the economy in shambles, all of us could use a little extra help right now when it comes to paying the bills. Loans are all well and good, but what happens when you don’t qualify for a loan, or you can’t get one large enough to cover all of your expenses? Not to mention the fact that, thanks to high interest rates, you’ll just be paying them off for years to come, adding to your debt – and amplifying your stress level.

Is There Such a Thing As Free Money?

Free money. Just the sound of the two words put together is exciting! But does free money actually exist, or is it just a myth? Can you really find cash that never has to be paid back and can be used for just about anything you want? You may be surprised to learn that there definitely is such a thing as free money, and it can be yours – as long as you know where to look for it, and how to stake a claim for your share.

Make Money – And Cherish the Time

How can you celebrate the time you will double your income if it hasn’t happened yet? Easy, just celebrate it. When you know you will double your income, you’ll inspire yourself to do it in the future. Celebrating your future success helps you live it.

Make Your Money Work For You to Obtain Financial Freedom

The first stage is comprehending the amount of debt that you are servicing monthly and putting together a budget that is realistic to pay it off. The second stage and financial goal would be to begin building your assets to improve your financial worth and the third stage is reaching a position where your money is working for you instead of you working for your money. I realize this may sound insurmountable but it truly is not at all if you achieve the correct mindset from the start. In this article I will cover the third stage which is forcing your money to work for you instead of the other way around.

Government Unclaimed Funds Review – Process to Avail Unclaimed Federal Grants

The US Government gives many funds and grants. Many times people fail to take their claims. These become unclaimed federal grants. Also there are many properties and bank accounts that come in this parlance. Given below are some common beliefs related to the government unclaimed funds.

Discover 7 Proven Wealth Building Strategies For Teens!

If you desire to attract abundance in your life, then there are a few proven wealth building strategies I would like to share with you. You see I would bet your school is not teaching you actual strategies and techniques that will enable you to make the money and wealth you truly desire.

Introduction to Selling Your Gold at a Gold Party

When you’re looking to sell gold, there are many things you must first consider. For example, there are many different types of gold that sell for different prices. Most people are familiar with 14 karat gold, known as yellow gold or white gold. This constitutes most gold jewelry that people try to sell.

The Mortgage – The Ultimate Wealth Creation Tool – The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

Imaging owning the goose that lays the golden eggs! Create a stream of money that’s predictable, constant and in large sums that can finance nearly any investment project. A stream of money that requires no risk, no time commitment, and best of all no effort.

Make Money – Six Ways to Say No to the Yard Sale Blues

I remember a yard sale I did several years back. I spent my whole weekend disappointed from the lack of sales from some otherwise good items. The only good thing was that I got to spend time with my family. Since then, I picked up some strategies that have helped me clear some space at home and make extra cash. I’ve also taught my kids a bit about business. We make it a weekend event now and it’s so much fun. Also, you don’t have to plant tons of signs on telephone poles to get the work out. Just follow my tips below:

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