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Five Basic Rules to Create Wealth

Spend less than you earn: This is the first Rule that many people must do if they want to create a considerable amount of wealth. Many people spend first and invest what is left.

Claim and Commit to Your Financial Goal

How our thinking affects achieving our financial goal. In setting your financial goal, don’t focus on money but on your dream. What is a real financial goal, and how to achieve it.

Save Your Way To Riches

My mom used to say to me, “Kay, you wont get anywhere in life if you don’t save part of your salary, no matter how little”. Thank God I listened to her eventually, and it has paid off for me.

Attracting Abundance – Strategies For Getting the Wealth You Deserve

Make this the year that you learn to effectively attract abundance and wealth to your life. Abundance attraction is not rocket science, but you do need to train your mind. Here are 6 smart strategies for building a wealthy and abundant lifestyle.

Quit Working and Retire by 30

Are you tired of your job? Say goodbye to alarm clocks, traffic, and stress after learning these underground tips to make big money.

Ways to Make Money With Squidoo

Squidoo is a website that offers you the chance to create and organize your own web pages on their server. The nice thing about joining is that you can use your web pages to create links that can make money for you whether by bringing the reader to an affiliate product page or to your own personal store at eBay or even your own website. It makes good traffic-generation sense to create your own pages at Squidoo even if you already have a personal website where you promote your products and services.

Is This 4 Letter Word Holding You Back?

As the turmoil of the stock market dramatically demonstrated last year, investments don’t produce positive results everyday or year after year. Other than Bernie Madoff’s “fraud fund”, there has never been a stock or fund that has produced a consistent positive return year after year.

The Beautiful Gold Panda Coin!

The gold panda coin forms part of a set of gold bullion coins issued by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Chinese mint introduced the Panda gold bullion coin in 1982 and what makes this series so popular with collectors, is that design changes nearly every year.

Personal Wealth Building – Bucket Program For Cash Managing and Wealth Building

Too many people claim that they live from paycheck to paycheck. The Bucket Program is a cash managing system which incorporates the habit of Paying Yourself First to regain control of your finances, and redirects your cash flow towards the goal of building your wealth and financial security.

How You Can Build a Fortune in Retirement by Trading Online

When investing, do your due diligence in making the right decision. The internet can be a tremendous resource for you.

Personal Wealth-Building – Pay Yourself First Habit Endows a Future For Better Financial Health

As long as money is available in accounts without a significant purpose, our human tendency is to spend until it is used up. Looking back over a few years you must have had increases in your income or household income, but you still find yourself struggling to make ends meets despite the increases. Interestingly, as you made more, you spent more. A “Pay Yourself First” habit affords you the opportunity irrespective of the initial amount to accumulate working capital to generate new wealth and endow your future with a better financial health than now.

High Yield Savings Account – Checking and Bank Accounts With 5% Interest Rates to Open Today

High yield savings accounts have gained in popularity as Americans are working hard to save more after the recession. With most individuals looking for the highest rate of return they may seek local community banks that are currently offering interest rates in excess of 5% on a bank or checking account.

Make Money and Win Prizes Through Online Competitions

Many people are interested about making money on the web, but few are aware of the possibility of winning some on the net. There is a great opportunity for earning a large amount of money during a very short period.

Personal Financial Advice – A Few Tips of Caution

If you want to make sure that you have secured your future as much as you can, you will want to find someone who can give you intelligent, unbiased personal financial advice. There are many people around who claim they are financial advisors but you want to be careful who you hire. You have to not only be able to trust them but you also want to be able to like them so you can work closely with them.

Personal Wealth-Building – Increasing Your Cash Flow and Building Wealth Over a Lifetime

By continuing your education beyond high school, you have the opportunity to make one to four or more million dollars over a life-time working period. It is essential to be aware of your income generating potential, and work to protect your income, and spend wisely in order to achieve and maintain a quality standard of living with financial security.

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