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Accumulation of Wealth

What does it take to become wealthy? What does one need to feel wealthy? Encarta Dictionary suggests a characterization of abundance, “enjoying an abundance or great quantity of something”.

Most People Fail Financially Because Their Dreams Are Too Small!

How much of your final salary should you be planning to retire on? 70%? 120% Or another amount entirely? Most people fail financially, not because their dreams are too big, but because their dreams are TOO SMALL. How should you plan for retirement?

The Fundamentals of How to Create Wealth Now

Discover three practical steps that you can take to create wealth now. By taking the time to remind yourself of these principles that you probably already know, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in interest and be on your way to a more prosperous future.

When Do The Rich Keep Their Money In The Bank?

There are times when even rich people keep their money in the bank. When deciding what is right for YOU consider your time frame first: SHORT TERM If you are keeping your money in the bank to save for something important (hopefully, for a deposit on an income-producing property?) then don’t be overly-concerned or worry about the interest rate or inflation.

Wealth Building Methods and Tactics – Beat Inflation

Inflation steals value invisibly, but steadily. We all accept slight increases in the price of food and other necessities without thinking much about it. Inflation, not the producer, is the culprit!

Free Money

There are ways to get money you don’t have to pay back. In each case of “free money”, comes the obligation to do something. If you are willing to work hard, you will be much more likely to get a grant. People give grants to people that are qualified and responsible.

Retirement Wealth Requires Action

In the first 3 installments I spoke about how important VISION, IDEA and PLAN were to achieving personally controllable, lasting retirement wealth. But the real magic is ACTION.

Do You Really Care That Weekly Contributions Of $34 Could Grow To Over $76,000 In 20 Years?

Why ‘get rich slow’ systems, although MUCH SAFER than get-rich schemes, will keep you poor. How much does it really take to save $1,000,000 and what will that be REALLY WORTH by the time inflation takes hold? This article finally blows the lid on the ‘save your way’ to retirement industry.

What Do You Think It Takes To Earn A Million Dollars?

Did you know that the vast majority of “wage earners” will earn less than that their entire working lives? Better than 95% of working people, right here in the U.S.!

Secrets From a Grant Reviewer on How to Win Grants

As a grant reviewer WI Department of Instruction (DPI), I feel its the the best professional development available for grant writers. For me, it revealed the secret to good grant writing. For those of you who have never had a chance to do so, I’d like to share what I learned with you.

Make Passive Income a Priority

Is your income limited because it depends primarily on your time? Do you have income when you’re speaking or working with clients, and no income when you’re not? It’s easier than you think to quickly create and sell information products and generate passive income. Here’s what one author and speaker did. And you can do something similar.

Financial Planning Funnel Approach – 5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

The Financial Planning Funnel Approach is a simple 5-step strategy to financial freedom. It calls for discipline in 4 major areas – Manage that Debt Monster, “Tax” yourself before you spend, Cut the fats, Be a Warren Buffett in the making, Don’t miss a beat! Ultimately financial planning is all about self-discipline.

Make Money on Autopilot Mode

Regardless of whether you are beginning to develop your own business model or simply analyzing an existing business, the key focus is to decide on how are you going to generate that extra income. From my point of view, the best source of income is passive income whereby you do not have to physically there as it is created on an auto- pilot system.

Finally, The Whole Secret To Making Serious Money Is Revealed

Making money – enough to make you rich – is a journey that not many people are equipped to make. You need to know your destination (how much do you need and when?), you need to have a financial ‘map’ and ‘compass’, and you need the ‘rules of the road’, that is the rules that tell you when and what to invest in. Let this article be your guide on your journey to financial freedom …

The Rich Don’t Get Rich Alone

If you’re trying to go it alone, you’ll probably never make it. What you need is what I finally figured out I needed, and that’s OP power. What’s OP power? It’s Other People Power.

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