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Low-Wage Workers, Wealth Building, and the Magic of Network Marketing

Building wealth for low-wage workers is unimaginable, and having a retirement package is surely out of the question. However, employers can make this happen for its low-wage employees by adding a residual income product, service, component to their existing business. Also, low-wage workers can start their own business on the side using a company who markets its products and services via network marketing.

How to Get Rich from a Penny and Earn Income for Life

If you’ve ever wondered how to get rich, or you’re seeking income for life (rather than a job for life), remember the power of the penny doubled. This is the secret way to wealth, and it’s what makes the direct selling industry an ideal option for many people who want to get out of the rat race and enjoy financial freedom.

Review of the Accumulation Versus the Preservation of Retirement Money

When the American economy was red hot, which was not all that long ago, Americans in general were much more focused on accumulating the wealth they needed and wanted for retirement. Now that America finds itself in a New Economy the emphasis seems to be placed more on the preservation of money they have.

Review of Baby Boomers and Retirement

This coming year alone an estimated 10,000 people each day will turn 65. That means the impact on their financial lives as well as other generations will be greatly felt. The Baby Boomer generation is currently estimated at controlling nearly 70% of the total net worth of all American households.

Retirement Planning for the New Economy

If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that America is no longer in the same economic state that it was just a few short years ago. Now, America finds itself in the throes of a ‘New Economy’ that all started back in 2008. While Americans will learn to adapt as they always do, this still means that retirement planning can no longer be viewed in the same way as it once was.

Generation Y Retirement Planning

Currently there are about 200 million working Americans. Of these working Americans almost 125 million of them were born after the year 1965. These Generation Y workers are a different breed of worker from the preceding generations like the Baby Boomer generation.

What Is Financial Freedom 2011?

Financial freedom isn’t the same as being rich. Although people often confuse the two, they are completely separate goals. One person could be completely financially free earning $15,000 per year. Another person could be trapped, even with a 20 million dollar portfolio. When Americans reach age 65, after working hard for 40 or more years, only 1% will be wealthy. Only 4% of retirees will have adequate investments or savings to actually retire at some level of comfort, in the wealthiest nation on earth the need for Financial Freedom has never been so great.

Facts About Money

Money is often described as a medium of exchange. If you exchange your labor for money and exchange the money for food, you are in effect exchanging your labor for food. When you work hard for money, you actually work hard to get security, food, shelter, clothes etc. which you can buy with money.

Money MAGIC – 5 Steps to Grow Your Assets NOW – Find the Sweet Spot in Your Relationship With Money

Ever wonder what it would be like to feel in control and at peace when it comes to money? Magic, right? Often, immediately what comes to mind for most people is a response, something like “I need to have a lot of money before I can feel in control and at peace when it comes to dealing with it”. While abundance does bring a momentary sense of peace – as does a good relationship with our financial advisors -a healthy relationship with money itself is key to feeling in control and at peace with what you have, regardless of the amount.

How Do People Make Money and Not Work for It?

Is working your whole life really the answer? Waiting until your retirement day before you are free of all your responsibilities? Or is there another way of enjoying freedom while you are still young. The people that are doing this, how are they making money?

Failures As Missed Opportunities

Have heard that failures are just missed opportunities? That statement has always irritated me. What do you mean missed opportunity?

Owning Your Mistakes

Do you ever ask yourself “Why am I in this financial situation again?” If you have you are not alone. There are thousands of people who find it difficult to look at their bank statements, are besieged with their mortgages, struggling with their credit cards and simply trying to make ends meet.

Attitude Towards Money

We may come from different backgrounds and means, and we may want different things, yet attitude is pinnacle to achievement. As I changed my attitude, I found life to be easier. Yes I still had financial problems. But my attitude was positive. It was an attitude of “Yes, I can get myself out of this mess I created.”

Get The Financial Sadness Out Of You

During my financial fall, I spent many days and evenings at home. Of course, I was depressed, sad and scared about the future. I felt paralyzed with sheer terror of having to spend money (I did not have). I made excuses not to be with friends or family. Truly, I wanted to see them, but I felt crippled by not having money to pay my bills. So, instead, I spent hours reading and watching depressing or sad movies. It was a great way to feel sorry for myself without having to admit that I was crying for my situation.

Wealth Building: The Millionaire Code: 5 Ways to Fast-Track Your Wealth Building

Wealth creation is the secret code to financial freedom. There are several ways you can make money, but when it comes to wealth building, there are not so many techniques that work. Do not get so engrossed with hypes on ‘get-rich-quick’; although you can fast-track your wealth building, it is something that requires principles and not necessarily some make-money-fast hypes.

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