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Wealth Building – Amazing Revelation About the AWESOME Power of Compound Interest

I believe that the great Albert Einstein called compound interest the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Einstein, of course was a brilliant man who reputedly had an IQ of somewhere above 175. (Normal IQ is around 100 to 110 with 140 being considered the start of the genius levels). Einstein considered compound interest to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions. For a person of the caliber of Einstein to say such a thing should make the rest of us sit up and take notice. Have a look at this AMAZING example of compound interest at work…

Wealth – Stop Kidding Yourself – You Are Nowhere Near As Wealthy As You Think You Are!

So many people live beyond their means. They give the appearance of being a lot better off financially than what they really are. Here is the acid test to see how wealthy you really are…

Wealth – What Are You Trading Your Life For?

Have you ever wondered what you are trading your life for? It’s a good question, isn’t it? I have devised a formula that will tell anybody what they are really trading their life for. You see, most people have a completely over-inflated opinion of what that trade is really worth. Would you be interested or would you rather NOT know? Based on experience I reckon you’d rather not know but that only makes your position so much more perilous.

The BIGGEST Wealth Secret That Anyone Can Ever Tell You

Wealth secrets. I don’t know about you but every time I see words like that in the title of something then I just have to have a look. You see, if there ARE any secrets I want to know about them. So I keep my eye out and my mind open. I read everything I can about making money. So, I have seen a fair few so-called “wealth secrets” in my time. As far as I am concerned the best “secret” that I have seen is …

Wealth – Why You Will Need a LOT More Money in the Next Few Years Just to Maintain Your Lifestyle

Have you noticed that the price of everything is always going up? Almost everything that we do is tied to the price of fuel. It is the single main thing that drives our world economies. When the price of a barrel of crude oil goes up then so too does just about everything else. That packet of your favorite biscuits has to go up too, maybe just a few cents. However, when your shopping trolley contains a hundred items and everything goes up by just a few cents every couple of weeks then that, over a period of a year, translates into hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Passive Income – What is It and Why Should You Be Moving Heaven and Earth to Take Advantage of It

Passive income. What is it? Basically, PASSIVE INCOME is money that comes to you day in and day out WITHOUT you physically expending any effort to earn it. Now, is that a GOOD type of income, or not? I hope you agree that it is. In my opinion it is the most superior income that you can possibly have. Passive income keeps flowing to you whether you do anything for it or not. Even better, passive income is usually tied in some way to inflation so, by association, it usually keeps growing in size. Now that you know exactly what passive income is, the next step is to find out how you can get some of it. Allow me to explain how…

IRAs and Early Retirement

If you retire early and roll your 401(k) into an IRA, what is the best way to take out income to live on? What are the rules? What are the penalties for taking money out before the magic age of 59 1/2? What are the exceptions? What are the work-arounds?

Contracts for Difference – Are the Dominoes Toppling?

Since they burst onto the trading scene in the UK a few short years ago, Contracts For Difference (CFD’s) have revolutionised the way that Private Traders can now trade. Advances in technology have allowed the average private trader to have at his fingertips trading resources that were previously only available to the professional trader.

How to Make Your Money Grow Faster

Holding a money market account has a fiscal edge over other regular accounts for many reasons. This article will help you know how such accounts operate as great money-making tools.

Napoleon Hill & Donald Trump Meets the Trading Pits

In the Wealth Building Process, there will be many ups and downs. The time to success is directly related to your ability to handle adversity. In the most recent stock market sell off, I relied on the words of Napoleon Hill and Donald Trump to pull me through.

5 Factors To Consider When Investing For Passive Income

To achieve financial freedom is to generating enough passive income to cover your lifestyle. When you have sufficient passive income, you no longer need to work in order to survive. There are many ways to generate passive income, but before deciding which is the best for you, here are 5 factors to consider.

If You Are a Financial Pygmy Then You Need to JOLT Yourself Into Action & You Need To Do It Quickly!

Let’s think about money. With this information I’m going to hit you hard. I want to knock you around a bit. I want to JOLT you into action. Now why would I want to do that? Let me tell you why:

Passive Income – Why I’m Laughing ALL The Way From My Bed to the Bank!

Passive income. What do you know about it? Are you taking advantage of it like I am? When I go to sleep at night I feel rather comfortable knowing that when I wake up- I will be several hundred dollars richer. What about you? Would you like to do that?

Making Money – Why So Many Intellectual Pygmies Are Making So Much More Money Than YOU Are

Making money. What an interesting subject. Are you forever like a dog chasing its tail when it comes to the task of making money? Does your money always run out before all your bills run out? How would you feel if you knew that people with very limited intelligence were making money hand over fist while you struggle just making ends meet? Well, I’m sorry to tell you this but there are so many people out there who, in comparison to you, are intellectual pygmies and yet they are able to accumulate vast sums of money. How does that make you feel?

Passive Income – Why You Are Missing Out If You Are Not Taking Advantage Of It

Passive income, by its very name is the opposite of active income. Active income is the money that you physically toil for. Essentially, it is what you receive for working in your job. Passive income, on the other hand, is the money that flows to you WITHOUT your physical effort. That is why I consider it to be the BEST income you can possibly have. It just keeps flowing into your bank account without you having to do anything for it. It’s 24/7 income. It also usually keeps growing in size as it is often tied to inflation. Find out more about passive income and why you are missing out BIG time if you are not taking advantage of it-

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