HispaHEX – Ep 07 – DeFi

The Secret of the Millionaire Mind – Part 1

If someone offered you a million dollars would you pass it up? I bet you’d love to be a millionaire. You can be, if you learn the secret of the millionaire mind. Once you do that, you can earn as much as you want, but first you have to reprogram your subconscious beliefs. This is the true secret to getting rich.

Make it Easy – Your Financial Plan, Part 2

Five steps to a simple but effective financial plan are outlined. The five steps are based on the principle that simple can be effective if the driving considerations are known.

Five Steps for Achieving Affluence

Affluence includes money but it is also broader than just money. Affluence is a flow of good things into your life. Here are five steps to help you achieve affluence in your life.

What to Do If You’re 55 and Not Rich Yet

Most people in affluent countries aim to retire somewhere between 55 and 65, but what if you’ve reached 55 and your investment portfolio isn’t up to scratch, or perhaps is non-existent. It can all start to appear overwhelming. What is the best way to start getting into financial shape?

Why You Should Take a Rich Person to Lunch and Pay for the Lunch

You should take a self-made rich person to lunch whenever you can and you should always pay. Why? Read on and all will be revealed.

A Powerful Way To Increase Residual Income

When you increase residual income, you increase your lifestyle. Residual income is the domain of the rich and learning to work smarter is the key. To increase your passive income it is vital that you invest your time and effort in building systems that make money for you.

Make It Easy – Your Financial Plan , Part 1

Five steps to a simple but effective financial plan are outlined. The five steps are based on the principle that simple can be effective if the driving considerations are known.

Why Making More Money Doesn’t Solve Your Money Problems

A few simple ideas, when understood fully, lead people down the road to financial independence and wealth. What will prevent most people from becoming rich is they do not take the time to learn these simple ideas and take them to heart. Once you fully appreciate what it means to be financially free, you will find yourself changing your priorities to live more closely by these fundamental ideas.

Money Making – Why So Many Intellectual Minnows Are Making So Much MORE Money Than YOU Are

Making money. It’s an interesting subject, isn’t it? Are you forever chasing money? Most people are. Usually, those who CHASE the money the hardest are the ones who money avoids. It is a strange quirk of fate. This will probably irk you but there are people with very limited intelligence and ability who are making money like shooting ducks in a pond. And while they are doing it so easily you are struggling just making ends meet. Why?

Faith in America’s Golden Future

Since I do quite a bit of writing and speaking on investment opportunities in international markets, some may get the impression that I am not very keen on prospects for investing in American stocks. In addition, the majority of the exchange-traded funds in Chartwell ETF Advisor’s portfolios have been international or global since early 2003. My view is that while the world is clearly filling in and emerging competitors like India and China are catching up with us quickly due to rapid advancements in technology and communications, the American economy is more than holding its own.

Compounding Effect – A Lesson on How Money Makes Money

If only I had learnt about the compounding effect of money when I was a teenager. I had heard of the seven wonders of the world, but no one ever told me about the eighth wonder, the effect of compounding. Not matter if you are young or slightly older, read on to discover how money can make money.

How To Spot A Passive Income Opportunity

A passive income opportunity is only that – an opportunity. Until and unless you grab it and take action it won’t do anything for you. So what are some of the practical steps to finding a good passive income source?

How To Reach Your Financial Goals

You’ve heard it all before. In order to walk among the rich and famous, you need to first define your personal goals. You know, make a list of everything you want in life, everything you want to accomplish. Well, you’ll be happy to know, that’s NOT the kind of thing we’re talking about here.

Frugal Living Is The Way To Build Wealth!

Frugal living and building wealth go hand in hand. Saving small amounts really adds up to build your wealth.

Wealth – When Are You Going To Pick Up the Pace and Start Building Some REAL Wealth For Yourself?

You are not going to live forever. Like they say… there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. So, let me ask you this – when are you going to start getting serious about building wealth for yourself? When are you going to pick up the pace? I am going to show you an example of wealth building in action that will BLOW your mind!

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