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Wealth Building System

The majority of Americans live continually in a cycle of debt, brought about because they spend more than they earn, while housing foreclosures, bankruptcies and defaulting on debts have reached unprecedented levels. However, at the same time, nearly 9,000,000 American households have a worth of a million dollars or more. Which side of that statistic you fall on isn’t a matter of luck or even of hard work, but of proper financial literacy and smart practices.

Attracting Wealth – The Opportunity

Did you know that more millionaires were made during the Great Depression of the 1930’s than at any other time in history? Over the next several years the world will see the greatest transfer of wealth in its history. It has already begun; it will affect your future, your kids’ future, your grand children’s future. With the correct preparation, you can be on the right side of that equation.

Why Many Do Not Understand That Investing In Gold And Silver Is Different Now

If you have not been hiding in a cave for the past few days and weeks you would have notice that gold and silver have home up incessantly. It is not unusual that every day that it goes up an expert is displayed on the tube or an article is printed saying that gold cannot keep going up.

Comfortably Rich – What Does Being Rich Mean?

The phrase “comfortably rich” has a generic meaning attached. No one really has a hard time understanding what “comfortably rich” means. As a given, the phrase is used to describe people or a person who has the financial means to pay all of his bills, to indulge in his desires and to get sick without losing everything that he owns.

Mom, What Is Comfortably Rich?

While some would argue that there is no such thing as “comfortably” rich – rich is rich, there’s no “comfortable” to it – others would aver that a few are, indeed, comfortably rich. Comfort is a state of mind, while rich is the state of your checkbook. If you were to match the two, what would be the highlights of being comfortably rich?

Comfortably Rich – Does Wealth Increase Personal Responsibility?

Actually, designating wealth with increased sense of one’s duties to society is a societal characteristic. If history teaches anything, it teaches us that great wealth and power isolated the possessors of that great wealth and power from the sense of personal responsibility to others and even to their own behaviors.

What Is Your Plan to Make Money in the Future?

If you know you can make money in excess right now, take advantage of it by saving some for your future and try and spend a little less once in a while. The discipline will really pay off in the long run and you still won’t be sacrificing too many trips to Las Vegas either.

Transform Your Money Beliefs

Your beliefs about money may be what is holding you back from more earning power. Looking at your current beliefs and transforming the ones that no longer support your desires can make the difference in your ability to attract wealth.

Part Time Jobs Online – How to Make Money Online In Your Spare Time

If you are looking for a bit of extra cash there are may part time jobs online. In this article I provide you with several opportunities that are available that can help you earn some extra money in your spare time.

Buy To Let – The Answer to Long Term Financial Security Worries

I have three buy to let properties, all bought at the top of the property boom, so I should be regretting the decision? Not at all.

Krugerrand Gold Coins – The 1st Contemporary Gold Bullion Coins

The granddaddy of all modern gold bullion coins is the Gold Krugerrand. Krugerrand gold coins were introduced in 1967 and became so popular that by 1980 they accounted for 90 percent of the gold bullion market!

3 Simple Steps to Building Wealth

How to create wealth with your current income. Yes, it is possible to build and keep financial stability with your current pay rate. Tips to help you reach you financial freedom!

Change Your Mindset Before You Learn How to Invest

Many people, when they first invest money, end up quickly in the red, and never make their way out of it. This is because they just haven’t adopted the right mindset to work with the wealth they are attempting to build.

Wealth Wisdom and Investment Know How

Gaining knowledge of wealth management and investment opportunities can provide you with the means to secure your future. It will ensure that you have ample money to support your family and plan ahead for retirement.

Can Reading a Money Quote Or Two Teach You Something About How to Make Money?

“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.” This is how Benjamin Franklin spoke of money. But perhaps this isn’t a quote on money for someone who is trying to become successful. Rather, it’s a money quote for someone who has already seen success and stands to have it corrupt him.

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