Is Hex a Scam? Richard Heart Live Stream Talk


What is HEX’s long term goal?

Replace gold as a store of value (7.7 Trillion USD). Replace credit card companies and payment companies like PayPal (around $770 billion in Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal alone) Replace legacy certificates for deposit ($571 Billion in the USA alone on just those under $100,000) Replace middlemen with trustless interest.


Where does HEX get its value?

Through progress in replacing Gold as a store of value, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal as payment networks, and CD’s as time deposits. The market has decided that crypto currencies are worth hundreds of billions of dollars over many years of price discovery.


Is Hex a scam?

No. The project is founded by respected members of the community. It is open source. The base ERC-20 contracts have been audited, the modified ERC-20 contracts will be audited. You run the code yourself. It is fairly launched, and free to claim for Bitcoin holders. You might need to pay pennies to the ETH network to pay to run your claim and attach it to the blockchain. Someone else might pay that fee for you as well.

Is this a Ponzi?

No. Ponzis make promises they can’t keep and collapse. In HEX you pay yourself your own rewards.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. There’s not even a referral program.

Is this an ICO?


Is this a security?

No. There is no money paid to a common pool with the expectation of profit from the work of others.

Why didn’t you do this on XYZ other blockchain?

Because the chain we chose has the best auditors available, the best bug bounty program, the best development ecosystem, the longest track record, the highest market cap, the most developers of any suitable system.

Greater fools?

When you accept a dollar for payment, you hope that when you go to spend it, it’s accepted. It’s likely it will be. You might not understand why cryptocurrency prices go up so much year after year, it’s ok, the market doesn’t need you to understand. The market has decided crypto currencies are worth billions of dollars through years of price discovery.

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