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Can it Be Easy to Save Money?

It can be easy to save money, it’s all in how you do it. You don’t have to become a miser to save money. It is possible to save without feeling any pain at all.

Financial Freedom

A serious look at what I believe wealth management, investing and saving is all about. I’ll detail the choices that I made and the ones that I wish I made which hopefully will open your eyes to the choices that you have.

Divorce and Retain Family Wealth

Why divorce and lose everything? Why increase the risk of troubled teen-agers or under-funded children? Why not benefit from a family trust even if you are a “broken family?”

Financial Freedom: Saying Goodbye to the Time for Money Swap

We have prepared our entire lives for the time for money swap. It is simply what responsible people do. You commit 40, 50 or 60 hours per week and the company commits to pay you for your efforts and in some cases extremely well. The concept of not exchanging your time for a wage is so foreign for most that financial freedom will never be seriously considered. Many will dream about it, but life will slap them back into reality. The few who choose to ignore life’s slap – must be willing to make the following three commitments.

A Wealth Building System That Works

When Small Businessman Trevor Brunson came into my office it was a rainy day and he dripped puddles where he stood as we talked

The Art of Becoming Wealthy

The concept behind any form of wealth is creating income. Are you satisfied with your current income? Probably not…

How Different Personality Types Affect Financial Planning and Wealth Creation

Have you ever wondered what your personality has to do with your investment decisions? Have you ever wondered why some people simply seem to be programmed to create wealth? Well, wonder no further.

So You Want to Be Rich (Part Five)

We’ve been talking about some guiding principles that will make you rich. Of course, we’re covering them quickly, but I’m trying to open your mind to a different way of thinking. As you read this, bear in mind that we live in a world where 95% of the people out there don’t do what I’ve told you. They end up working hard with nothing to show for it at the end of their lives. You don’t want that do you? You want to end up rich right?

Why Should You Save Money?

We are always hearing save, save, save. But if you don’t have a reason to save, it isn’t likely you will.

Real Estate-The Quickest, Easiest Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Too many entrepreneurs overlook real estate when searching for a business to start. It is one of the easiest yet powerfull wealth building business there is with little start up cost and an easy transition from part time to full time. It took the author only 5 years to become financially independent via real estate.

Copper – Buy Long Term and Get Massive Profit Potential

If you want build wealth quickly there is a simple way of doing it Buy copper as long term investment, forget gold and silver this is the one metal that builds wealth. Last week in our hot commodities section we looked at it and it piled up huge gains, more than most fund mangers make in a year and it can make you lot of money here’s why:

How the Rich Become Richer

Have you ever wondered why it is the rich seem to only get richer? I know that the question appears to be a generalization, and it is. In this article, we will look at the stereotypical rich person. What makes their wealth continue to grow?

Negotiate Your Way To Wealth

Do you know that with one dollar in your hands, you can negotiate your way to one million dollars? This is what I mean: if you have something to offer, you can always negotiate for something you want. You don’t have to have all the money you need to achieve your dreams, what you need is ideas that would help you strike a deal with the person that has what you need. Start with what you have, and keep negotiating until you get to the top.

Time- The Currency For Wealth

Are you aware that everyday of your life, you are trading your time for one thing of the other. When you sleep, you trade your time for rest. When you watch movies, you trade your time for pleasure. When you read, you trade your time for knowledge. How rich you become in life is determined by how well you trade time. If you trade your time for valuable things, you become rich.

How to Use the Internet to Save you Money

The internet is a powerful tool that can help you save money. Forget about those get-rich-quick scams, but instead use your money wisely by employing these hints.

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