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To Change Your Financial Status, You Must Change The Way You Think

Many people tend to believe that a major part of being rich is all about flaunting it all over the place so that everyone knows that (your name here) has money. It may be hard to accept but majority of the world’s wealthiest people never put it on display. Television shows like “The Fabulous Lifestyles” with English speaking men speaking so highly of fortunes spent on diamonds and champagne are truly just for entertainment purposes.

Financial Freedom – What You Must Know to Change Your Life NOW!

Time is money, are you utilizing your time to generate wealth and create financial freedom and security for your future. Find out what you MUST do to create financial freedom and how it will drastically change your life.

Become A Billionaire? Yes, You Too Can Become A Billionaire

It use to take generations to get from zero to billionaire. We are in a new Age now where the rules have changed.

What Does Money Mean to You?

Money is an energy. It ebbs and flows like other types of energy. Our attitude towards it can determine whether it flows freely or not. Money itself is neither good nor bad; it depends on how it’s put to use. Sometimes it seems that we give money just too much power. For example, we may use it as a symbol of security, or to define our value or that of others. Many women apparently have a fear of becoming poverty stricken in old age…even wealthy movie stars.

UK Inflation – Paying the Price for Wealth?

In recent years, studies have shown that the number of wealthy people (or High Net Worth Individuals) both in the UK and overseas, is rising. But is inflation affecting the wealthy in the same way that it’s affecting the average householder?

The Key To Accumulate Wealth Is Not Trying To Make More Money Everyday!

I read most books and have many conversations with successful people before. I realized most of them have something in common which is an attitude to serve others. They are generous in sharing what they have achieved and what they have known…

Generous To Money Will Cause Money Being Generous To You

When people think of wealth building or wealth accumulations, they think of making more money and spending less money. It’s very logic and simple to understand but it doesn’t happen in this way in the reality. Some people who are not making more money or not spending less money are richer than those who do.

Wealth Creation

Wealth is a general term that translates into a wide variety of terms that mean different things to different people. From the old English word “weal”, this meant “well being.” This word was used to describe the ownership of physical qualities a person or group had ownership of.

Being Generous In Work Will Get You Higher Pay

If you are interested in getting higher pay and promotion in your job, you should start learning how to be generous in your job. Most people who remain in their position or the same salary for years are people who are selfish. They try to work less, slower and deliver worse results to get the same pay. In other words, they are trying to work minimum and get maximum.

The Seven Rules Of Wealth Creation

In spirituality studies, there is a Law of Wealth and Success and anyone who knows and applies these seven laws of wealth creation will become prosperous. Not many people know about these seven laws because they are hidden from our eyes which see only the tangible objects and beyond generic understanding.

Seeds To Plant For Building Wealth

The first step to wealth building is to come up with a list of goals and set priorities for each goal. Some people grow up in environments that are not conducive to success and wealth building. Remember, it’s not WHERE you started, it’s where you FINISH. So, just start.

How To Get Your Hands On Your Own Great Stack Of Dirty Sexy Money – Do You Qualify?

Have you seen when Tripp Darling (Donald Sutherland) in the TV series “Dirty Sexy Money” opens the bank vault and the door swings open? Wow! Sitting on the shelves are great stacks of gold bars. Pretty impressive, huh? How can one family have so much incredible wealth? More importantly how can YOU get your hands on a big stack of money like that? Do you qualify?

Becoming Rich

What is rich, what are riches and what does this have to do with you? The answer you give is exactly what your life will mean to you. Some of you will visualize riches as an unlimited supply of money; a royal estate; a fancy yacht; a personal jet, etc.

Finding A Millionaire Mentor To Help You Achieve Financial Independence

If you want to get to the next level of your financial genius you will need a millionaire mentor. Read on to discover your fastest path to wealth.

Attention – 98% of the Population is Dead or Dead Broke by the Age of 65

Our coach, Dani Johnson teaches this concept. However, this is a perfect example of how you can hear something over and over again but still not completely get it. Learning is without question a process and this just proves that point over and over again. So Dani Johnson, teaches that “98% of the population is dead or dead broke by the age of 65, only 2% are financially free.”

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