My Ex-Boyfriend Was Wrong about HEX & You Might Be Too!

How to Figure Out the Net Yield on a CD (After Taxes and Inflation)

With investing, it’s always important to get an apples for apples comparison so that everything is on a levelized playing field. Most of the time…

How to Keep Yourself From Being Destroyed by an Asteroid

Recently there was a special on TV about the various meteors that NASA tracks. You may be relieved to know that all the…

The Shaking of the Rattlesnake’s Tail?

For years, analysts have been predicting the collapse of the 30 year bond rally. Since 1982, bond prices have generally been rising at a rate without near-term historical precedent. In early 2009, it was widely thought that it was the end of the bond price rally as Treasury rates were pushed to historical lows (yields and prices go in opposite directions).

Only Twice in US Financial History

Halley’s Comet visits earth every 76 years. For the average person, this is a once in a life time event. Right now there is an event in the financial world that hasn’t happened since 1861, that is, just over 150 years ago.

Intergenerational Real Estate and Dynasty Trusts

The equity in multi-family real estate can be used to preserve wealth by taking advantage of the gift tax exemption. Here’s how.

The Millionaire Mindset: What Is It?

What does it mean when we say that a person has a millionaire mindset? First, we need to examine the two words “millionaire” and “mindset.” The word “millionaire” means that a person’s net worth (the dollar value of all of his assets) exceeds one million dollars, or that his annual income exceeds one million dollars. The word “mindset” refers to the way a person thinks, his biases, his viewpoints on different issues and his attitudes about life in general. These things collectively define his mental position on everything. They literally make up the rules by which he lives and form his philosophy of life.

Tips and Information on Spread Betting Trades

In sports, which provides football and baseball, the spread is a superb equalizer. Nevertheless, the typical line in the sports betting arena can be the line of spread. The original action to wagering on games demands information relating to the line.

Putting Your Trust in a Trust

There are a number of questions that need to be addressed before establishing a trust. These include family and financial concerns. Finding the right fiduciaries that understand your entire objective is crucial.

How To Retire Rich In 4 Simple Steps

Perhaps it is something that crossed your mind, but you brushed it off believing that you do not have what it takes to pull it off. Or maybe you’ve taken years to decide whether it is really what you want. I am referring to the ultimate dream of retiring rich.

The Ostrich Error

Often the things that we are most afraid to examine are not quite as scary as we had imagined. Financial planning and wealth management fit into this category more frequently than some may know.

All Wealth Learning Lessons Are Not Learned in a Traditional Classroom

Did you know that many of the most successful men of our times never completed the entire “get a good education,” that leads to a good job process? Examples, neither Henry Ford nor the Wright Brothers ever even finished high school. More recently, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg…

2012/13 ISA Contribution Limits

Future increases to the annual ISA allowance will be linked to CPI rather than RPI. However this still remains one of the most useful, tax efficient investment allowances you can take up.

How to Sell Your House Fast Using Mini Leveraged Buyout to Sell Homes Fast

Sometimes you can borrow a technique from one field to solve a problem in another field. The leveraged buyout, a smaller version than the purchase of RJR Nabisco for $25 billion, under the right circumstances can sell your house fast for more money. Only some houses qualify and check what you doing with an expert if this is new to…

Economic Prediction and the Six Syndromes

Are you an investor in stocks, commodities, or property and want to know who to trust to give you advice. You first need to be aware of the six syndromes that can rob you of your hard earned nest egg. The answer is simple, do your own research. With the Internet the information is within arms length.

Saving Towards Your Goals

Get started with understanding how to track your expenses, save your money, and ready set, start building towards your goals! Find a great software program that will rival your investment advisor’s sophisticated program. Get your goals ready before meeting with your investment advisor.

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