Easy Money For Teens by Buying “As-is” Electronics For Repair

Manufacturers make money by procuring raw-materials and turning them into a useful product through a process called value addition. Obviously, this business is a very lucrative one. The problem with such a business model though is that it would be very difficult to replicate it on an individual level. However, there is a different kind of value addition that can prove equally lucrative if done right. There are so many broken electronic goods that we see that are being sold off extremely cheaply as junk. Now, if you could repair this and turn it into a useful product that could go for some decent money when sold, it could easily land you a pretty profit.

Easy Money For Teens – Selling at the Swap (Flea) Market

Flea markets are excellent places for a quick bargain. But have you looked at a flea market from a seller’s perspective? Of course, you might have looked upon the flea market as a source of some extra cash. But do you realize the opportunity for a massive and steady business that a flea market offers?

Money Worries? Here’s Help

We’re all paying more for gas and food. Some of us have lost our jobs to corporate belt tightening or lost our homes to foreclosures. Consumer confidence–the degree of optimism we express through spending and saving–is at its lowest level in 16 years. Times are tough and may get tougher.

Where is Your Wealth?

Whenever someone asks me what to do to build permanent wealth, I answer that question with a question: Where is your wealth? Where is your wealth today and where is your wealth going? I have been speaking at several seminars lately on the topic of building permanent wealth.

Building Wealth – Planning For the Future

Building wealth is essential if you want to live happy and have the luxurious things in life. We all need to plan and think about the future, since it is here in no time. Many people wait until it is too late, then they are flat broke going into retirement.

Fat Piggy Banks – 5 Ways to Make Yours Grow

With the economy as it is today, you may be like me and want to employ every means possible to enrich your financial picture. I’ve always assumed I could deal with whatever my financial future holds. Lately though, I’ve begun to feel the gentle rumblings of an impending financial earthquake.

Five Steps to Becoming Rich

Article describes how people can get rich by using a 5 step plan. It is not a get rich quick approach, but a system that works.

Fastest, Easiest Way to Make Money – The 3 Step Trick

The 3 step trick was coined 3 years ago by one of my students to describe a strategy I had developed for him in solving a very pertinent and pressing problem. Peter Hemming was my client and as a life coach I had explored his current position and his options. This led to what he donned the 3 step trick.

Let’s Make a Million While the Economy Suffers

The newspapers, the television, the radio, everyone is talking about the next depression and doom and gloom. Well guess what? It’s all a bunch of BS if you know what to do and how to position yourself in this system.

How to Make Easy Cash From Garage Sales

You can make some quick easy cash holding a garage sale. If you have lots of little items you will make some good money. If you have a few large items try selling these on eBay first.

How to Make Easy Cash With Competitions

Have you ever entered a competition? If you have you know the excitement it can create. You have dreams of making it big and taking home the big prize. What often happens though is you never hear back about the competition and soon after you have forgotten all about it.

Fast Cash Fast – Reality Or Fantasy?

Is getting fast cash a reality or is it a fantasy? Have you ever discovered a way to make some cash fast?

Making Money Fast – Borrow $200,000 to Invest No Credit Checks Needed!

If you want to make money fast you probably don’t have much to start with so you want to get more quickly. Well here is a way to get $200,000, without any credit checks and there is NO catch…

Increase Your Chances of Winning Competitions

Are you looking to increase your chances of winning a competition? Most people are. Did you know if you enter competitions, you potentially could get some easy cash?

Massive Profits From Contests and Competitions

Some people make a living from entering competitions. There are plenty of people who do this. The internet has allowed this to flourish even more. There are so many competitions online that it is hard to choose which ones to enter.

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