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Will Gold Become The New Global Currency?

Did you know that gold today buys the same amount of bread as it did five thousand years ago? Gold is probably the most stable place for your money: that is certainly truth today, maybe even more than ever.

Oil Sector Mutual Fund

The stock market is the most lucrative place for investors, who intend to multiply money within a short span of time. However, this involves a lot of risk. No market is free from risk, but inherent risk in the stock market investment is higher than any other conventional investment. There are some investors, who want to take advantage of the stock market return in a passive way. The mutual fund is the best product for people, who stand to gain from calculated risk. In this article, we shall look into the oil sector mutual fund as an investment option.

Retire From Work, Not From Life: Retirement Planning

At some part of time everyone has to retire from their working life to spend rest of the life with family. Plan your retirement as early as possible to have secure future.

How to Make Money on Your Own Terms

Different ideas and thoughts on making money your way and ideas to get you started on your own business and sharing your expertise. This will give you the freedom to have your own working hours, your own wages and you to be your own boss.

The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know to Prosper Beyond Your Fondest Dreams

Becoming a wealthy guy is not hard. The only thing you need to know to prosper beyond your wildest dreams is…

Does God Approve Of Welfare?

Many Americans believe that the government will at some point take care of them. If not with welfare, disability or unemployment benefits, then after retirement with social security or medicare benefits. There are more people expecting to take in entitlement programs than there are those who are willing to give back in taxes.

How to Earn Bitcoin Online

How do you earn Bitcoin online? There are plenty of ways through which you can participate in the Bitcoin economy, depending on your interests and aptitude.

Living Within Your Means, But What Exactly Does That Mean: 3 Steps to Attracting More Money

How many times have you heard that it is important to live within your means? When the conversation of budgeting comes up, how does this topic make you feel? If you’re like most of us you probably feel uncomfortable because “living within your means” is defined as scaling back on the choices you enjoy the most.

Why Create Games When You Can Just Play?

The better you are at living, the more you succeed. Creation happens naturally when you are in the midst of playing any game. Sometimes by accident, sometimes by design.

Invest in the Chinese Yuan Before It Takes Over the World

The Chinese Yuan (name of their dollar) will be replacing the United States dollar in the near future (within 5 years?) economic forecasters state. The dollar has been steadily losing value every year for the last 40 years. They anticipate the dollar to lose its 60-year reign as the dominant reserve currency in the world; it’s only a matter of time they say.

Forex Trading – How to Start Making Money

Forex trading like other financial instruments is a way of increasing ones wealth, if done correctly.The difference between Forex trading on the foreign exchange market and other financial markets besides its huge size is that it has no physical location and takes place 24 hours a day.

What Makes an Honest Person?

There are many people who are willing to cheat and steal to get ahead. It is gratifying to find an honest person. People who are homeless or very rich can have the values and morals to be honest.

Simple Risk-Free Way to Make Money Online

The changing times have also changed the way we seek information about things that concern us. There was a time when people used to browse through books and journals to collect information, but with the advent of Internet, one can find information about anything and everything in a matter of just few clicks – that too from the comfort of one’s own home! As per the recent trends, more and more people are now looking for information on the medical domain.

Low-Risk High-Yield: Secrets to Cash Flow

The uncertain global economic condition of the recent times have made all of us re-evaluate our sources of income, and it has now become an absolutely essential to ensure financial stability. For most of the people, the primary or traditional source of income is not enough to mitigate any unforeseen risks that may come up in the near future, which is why more and more people are looking for alternate avenues to earn money and boost their financial situation. However, the biggest challenge in earning passive income is to find out time out of our busy schedule…

Get Localized – Earn Money Globally

The Internet is now the most reliable source of information for any topic known to human beings. We can start browsing on the Internet and find out a lot more than one can hope to find. With smartphone popularity on the rise and the speed at which we connect to the Internet being extremely fast, we can now leverage information on the go!

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