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Stop Bashing the Rich! Learn From Them AND Do Something

Bashing the rich will not make you rich! Seems to me that many people have lost sight of what a job does. A job is not designed to make the employee wealthy, it is a means to an end!

Wealth Education – Would You Spend 7 Bucks To Learn How To Become Wealthy?

Would you spend seven bucks to learn how to become wealthy? What a dumb question. Maybe I should have asked: “would you INVEST seven bucks to learn how to become wealthy?” Did you know that there are now a lot of very valuable e-books available for just $7 or $9? It is a new trend. Marketers have realized that they can operate on bigger volumes by dropping the price down to the cost of just a fast food meal or a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of cheap wine. And so, the $7 deals are happening. I have bought several $7 and $9 e-books of late. Here is what I have found…

Passive Income – Why You Are A Mug If You Are Not Engaging In It

Passive income. What is it? Passive income is the money that flows to you day and night WITHOUT you physically having to do anything to earn it. In my opinion it is the BEST income you can possibly have. You see it just keeps on coming whether you do anything for it or not. Day in, day out, week in, week out, year in, year out. Even better… it usually keeps growing in size. Find out how to take advantage of different forms of passive income…

Money – How Do You Feel When You Discover That A Complete And Utter MORON Makes More Money Than You?

How does it make you feel when a guy who cannot spell, can’t add up two numbers without using a calculator, has very little written ability and who can hardly string two intelligent sentences together, makes a LOT more money than you do? Especially when you work so hard and they seemingly do virtually nothing. What does that tell you?

Create Money to Contribute to Society

When you think about it, without more money then you need for your family, you can barely contribute to society.

How to Survive Getting Hit by a BRIC

Building Wealth requires thinking differently. This article describes a different approach to investing the industrialization of Brazil, Russia, India and China a.k.a BRIC.

Create Wealth That Lasts

Some people say that wealth measured in dollars doesn’t have any real value. They think you should spend your time creating value that has nothing to do with money.

IRA Distribution Rules at Death: Critical Knowledge for Good Decisions

Your IRA could be one of your biggest assets. Do you know the IRA distribution rules at death? Do you have your IRA set up so your desires match the rules? Here’s a quick primer that could help you avert costly mistakes.

Wealth – Without a Wealth Plan For the Future You Will Probably Be Destitute – Desperate and Starvin

Prices are rising like no other time in recent world history. To live comfortably in the next five to ten years ahead and beyond you are going to need a LOT more money than what you have right now. So, let me ask you a very pertinent question. How are you going to do that? You might like to read how to solve that problem-

Wealthy People Use Small Efforts For BIG Results While Poor People Use BIG Efforts For Small Results

The fastest way to wealth is to find a method that works, make it profitable then duplicate it over and over and over again. That is when you have a system for wealth. Wealthy people create systems. Let’s find out more about these systems-

A Simple Approach to Earn 25% on Your Money Without Playing the Market

Some of the wealthiest companies in the world are banks. They trade in the one commodity needed by all currency. Learn how you too can earn money just like a bank by taking advantage of the spread in the latest trend in internet Auctions People to People lending.

Forest Whitaker Reminded Me of a Key to Success: A Burning Desire

What would possess someone to walk away from a high paying job? What about the status? What about the security? What about? What about? What about? How do the “walkers” suppress the “what abouts” and pursue the trail of “what ifs?” What if I land this deal? What if this trade takes off? I was reminded while listening to Forest Whitaker’s acceptance speech of the difference between talkers and walkers – a Burning Desire.

7 Reasons Why Depending Upon Investment Newsletters Won’t Make You Wealthy

Despite the fact that I advocate learning how to invest yourself as the absolute, hands-down best way to manage your money, I also know that the overwhelming majority of investors constantly seek out get rich quick schemes and whatever shortcut they can find in order to get rich. In fact, I’ve often fielded ridiculous questions like “What’s the best way to double my money in a month?” The large number of investment newsletters realize that people are thirsty for get rich quick schemes, and now that there are always a fraction or people naive enough to buy into them as long as the copy is convincing enough, so that’s what they sell – dreams of getting reach with very little effort.

Writing A Grant Proposal The Easy Way

Before starting any grant application, one must be certain they are even qualified to receive the grant monies that may be available to them. Also, understanding the eligibility requirements is key. You must check what the agency is requesting and be prepared to show documentation as to what you are planning on doing.

Time to Buy Subprime Lenders – You Gotta be Kidding!

One of the problems with Financial TV is that they have 24 hours to fill with programming. How can you fill that much time without including some Bozos? Every morning I wake up around 5 am or so and turn on Bloomberg. I lay in bed and catch up on what has happened in the stock markets around the world until around 6:30am. On yesterday, they had a Bozo on who said that it may be time to buy certain subprime lenders. All I could do is shake my head and turn off the TV.

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