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The Characteristics of Mature Trading Systems

If you think about your trading system as a production machine, you can apply the principles of quality management and statistical process control in order to improve the quality of the output. The work of Deming, Juran, Ishikawa come to mind. Lean 6 Sigma is the most prominent current example of this line of thinking.

Follow the Millionaires

Wondering how to treat this economy going forward? Ask a millionaire.

All That You Need to Achieve Financial Independence

Some people would dream of getting rich quickly, whereas others do not mind taking it one step at a time. But what do they have in common? They all want to get rich!

Wealth Building Strategies You Won’t Hear From Your Financial Planner

Super Traders know that the market is a reflection of their mental and emotional state. Cultivating a state of well-being is the greatest investment you can make.The truth which contradicts self-limiting doubt is that you do have the power to create the life you desire, if only you could truly believe that you have the power.

How to Make Money With ETFs

If you’re in your 20s and 30s and wish to retire comfortably with a tidy sum of cash, you need to start making money from multiple income streams now. A quick example: a 22-year old person starts saving and investing $1,000 a year and earning an average return of 8 per cent per annual can accumulate at least $250,000 by 62, which is right about the time for retirement. However, if this youngster spends flippantly now and begins investing only ten years later, he would now need to put in at least twice as …

The Secret to Getting Wealthy

For too long black women have had dreams of getting rich but think this is the right of white women only. Well let me tell you that there is a science that governs this process of getting rich. It is so simple that you will be amazed.

I Want to Be Rich But I Don’t Know Where to Start

Do you want to be Rich but have no idea where to start? If you would like to learn about Robert Kiyosaki’s (Author of Rich Dad, Poor dad) three main vehicles for Wealth Creation then read on!

5 Ways to Reduce Spending & Create Immediate Money to Invest

Would you like to invest money in stocks, shares, property or a business? Is the only thing stopping you a lack of spare cash? These simple five steps to saving money can quickly provide a source of money to invest.

5 Easy Money Ideas

Money is never easy to earn, this is a fact of life. It is a commodity that everyone wants and everyone needs, it is a commodity that everyone could use a little more of. For this reason, Cash is one of those multi dimensional commodities that can provide, food, shelter and anything else the owner of money wishes. Indeed, money is a magic wish. Anything ones heart desires can be secured with ready cash and therefore, it is extremely competitive to get some.

Market Relief After Tough Week

After a rather turbulent week markets ended on a positive note. US markets benefited from a better than expected inflation outlook, following Fridays CPI numbers. The majority of inflation increases were due directly and indirectly to energy costs, so markets were thankful for the fact that oil didn’t finish the week on a new record high.

Larger Income Does Not Equal Wealth

Many of us make a lot of money as we progress in our careers. Many people earn a monthly income of thousands of dollars and some even much higher. Despite the big money, they are not much different compared to minimum wage people who earn a few hundred dollars a month.

Starting a Successful Investment Club

There are a few general and commonsense rules to follow to ensure a successful start and outcome for a new Investment Club. Usually a club will start with a group of friends and family and it is important to outline to all members what is involved and what the club guidelines are and to ensure that all members participate in the creation of the club structure and have input to decisions. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of new club founders make is that they do not tell the club members upfront that they may …

Get Rich Tricks – Tips on How to Save Money

Some tips on how to save money. The real trick to becoming wealthy is to save your money.

How to Become a Millionaire During the Next Depression

It’s a little known fact that more millionaires were made during The Great Depression than in any other era in U.S. history. Want to know how that happened so you can cash in on the current economic situation?

Moneymaking and the Power of One

One of the great fallacies of moneymaking ideas is that in order to gain the most success you have to do many different things well. You don’t. In fact, you might have more success by doing just one thing, but doing it better than anyone else.

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