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Sifting Through Money Making Ideas!

Money making ideas vary from the sound to the absurd, and even illegal one might think, the problem is that some of these so called profitable ideas and concepts are often times nothing short of a gimmick making the buyer poorer and the seller richer. Naturally we all want to make some cash, whether it is for a special purchase, to make a basic living or even to increase our current income; but which of the various money making ideas are legitimate or at the very least attainable is another question unto itself.

Business Strategies to Preserve Wealth

Preserving wealth is one of the most important business strategies for any investor. Whether you are risk averse or a risk taker, the bottom line is the same. You want to produce positive cash flow with your investments. There are several business strategies to preserve wealth. These include, but are not limited to, real estate, small business ownership, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Why Conscious Women Stay Broke

There’s a Biblical scripture that I frequently invoke to clients, “Faith without works is dead.” What it means is that prayer without action is worthless. It’s not enough to meditate or focus on increasing your income-you’ve also got to take deliberate steps to manifest more money.

Getting the Right Education: Choosing The Right Webinars to Help Meet Your Trading Goals

Choosing the right instructors, webinars, and courses to help you learn how to trade is important in helping you reach your goals. The methodology you learn will be the core of your trading career, so making sure it’s sound is vital.

4 Financial Planning Questions When Selling Your Business

Many business owners greet us with the refrain that ‘my business is my pension.’ This of course may be true, but in many cases, the business owner in question does not have any idea either how much the business is worth, or more importantly, how much it needs to be worth to achieve the lifestyle they want.

How to Protect Your Portfolio: Know the Risks and Limit the Downside

Too many potential traders fall prey to widely held myths about the markets. Successful traders know the potential risk before they enter a trade… and that’s one of the major reasons they’re successful. Before you jump into a risky trade, do a little research on what you’re getting into.

Creating Multiple Streams of Active and Passive Income by Trading

How much money do you want to be making? Are you making more money this month than you did last month? As you create your financial road map, everything else is a moot point. What you have to figure out is, “How much money do I really need to make out of this business?” You have to look at it as a business, not anything else. Are your requirements $100 or $200 a day? $1,000 or $2,000 a month? Or even $100,000 a month? This number is different for everybody. You first need to figure out how much money you need to make to cover your expenses. The easiest way to do this is to break down how much you need each day (daily period) and also each month (monthly period) to find the minimum amount of money you need.

Millionaire Secret Number 6 – Find a Winning Product and Discover The Best Opportunity Ever!

All millionaires got to where they are with a vehicle. The vehicle is the super-wonderful product or service that everybody wanted to get their hands on. The millionaire is able to spot these wining commodities and offer them to the world. Today, you can become such a millionaire, joining the ranks of others who chose the only patented, scientifically proven method to boost and improve the immune system.

Why Schools Never Teach You Anything About Money

Few days ago, a son of a friend came to me asking for advice on courses to study for his future. When I asked him what he wanted to be in future, he said, “I aspire to be like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki!” “What is so special about Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki?” I asked. He said, “Both of them belong to the B-I quadrant. They are running businesses and they are great investors.” Not bad for a kid who is only 17 years old I thought. “Well…. Go to the school where teachers are currently in the B-I quadrant then!” I answered. “So…. Why is it that there are no teachers in school who are in the B-I quadrant?” he asked again. Let’s take a look at how the education system was formed.

5 Steps to Choose Your Financial Advisor

Before you settle on your financial advisor, make sure that you have weighed all your options. The internet is vast and would readily provide you with details and the contact information of financial specialists. Friends and acquaintances could also provide helpful leads in the matter.

Geographic Business Model: An Endangered Species

The geographic business model is turning into a global one. Truly local businesses have become an endangered species. How many “mom and pop” stores have you seen give way to the shiny new superstore chain down the street? It’s been happening for a long time. As soon as trains and automobiles were invented, people had the ability to travel to buy goods and services-and became less reliant on geographic businesses. Still, the geographic business had an advantage. Sometimes people just don’t want to travel to buy those goods and services-it’s more convenient and less time-consuming to buy from the local, geographic business.

Become A Millionaire And Create Your Own Story Of Success

Do you desire to become a millionaire? So what are those ideas to make money? There are several ways to obtain million dollars which includes being born into it, inheriting or winning a lottery. But for those who do not fall into this category, there are certain ways in which you too can increase your finances.

Asset Management Specialists – People Who Can Help Boost Your Business

If your business greatly involves huge and expensive assets, then getting the help of asset management specialists to ensure that your business’ assets are well taken care of is a must. These people know the ins and outs when it comes to managing assets, which will absolutely prove beneficial for your business.

What to Invest With A Thousand Ringgit?

I had a kid who asked me this question yesterday, “What can I invest with a thousand ringgit?” Instead of giving a direct answer, let’s look at the options that we have:

Wealth Building And The Law Of Attraction

Wealth building and the law of attraction is the beginning of a secure financial future. There would be no other way to see it. If you are going to use the law of attraction which is a positive form of thinking then the possibilities are endless.

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