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7 Habits of Billionaires and Millionaires

Billionaires and Millionaires do think and act in the same ways most of the time. The only thing that sets them apart is their financial thermostats. If you are reading this article then your financial thermostat most likely is set for thousands (for the time being).

What Is a Double Dip Recession?

With mainstream media flooding our TV’s with this very common phrase, this will detail the definition and what it will do for our country. The dictionary defines a recession as: “A significant decline in activity spread across the economy, lasting longer than a few months.”

3 Unique Ways to Make More Money

Everyone knows about stocks, bonds, and real estate. Here are 3 UNIQUE ideas that may or may not suit. Either way, its worth your time to at least try them out. Your next millionaire idea could be right here!

The Starting Point of ALL Achievement

At some point or the other in our lives, everyone wants something, but not everyone knows how to begin. Whatever it is you desire in life, there is a common factor that should mark the beginning of the process. This article gives an insight into that. What it is? Just read on please.

Offshore Private Placement Life Insurance Dynasty Trust – Funding Through Multiple Grantors

Two or more contributors to an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) can reach the minimum premium commitment of a private placement life insurance (PPLI) policy by pooling their available assets. Using a multi-grantor dynasty trust that purchases and owns offshore PPLI, a group of individuals is now able to utilize a tax saving, wealth building, asset protection technique previously enjoyed only by the rich.

Have Fun While Making Money

Every now and then more and more people are searching for alternative ways of how to make money in order to get a desired lifestyle. In this era of high competition getting a permanent job with a good salary is not that easy. Hence, sometimes we just want a temporary source of income whether it’s online or offline. There are various interesting and fun ways one can earn money and this article discusses some of these.

Production Of The Yellow Metal

Gold is and has always been a highly sought-after precious metal, being used for industrial purposes, coinage and to make jewelry. Investment brokers also say that this is a safe store of value and will probably continue to be one in the future. It has a yellow color and a rich shine that make it extremely esthetically appealing. At the same time, it is one of the most ductile metals in the world and a very good electricity conductor.

How To Make Money – Be Your Own Boss

This article discusses a few ways by which people can make money as the question playing most frequently in our minds is how to make money. If you do not have a job in hand or you are not satisfied with your present job and are wondering how to make money to support your commitments, the best way to make it happen is by undertaking your own venture or taking up home based online businesses. You first need to assess what kind of business would work best for you.

How To Make Money – Some Unique Ideas

This article lists out a few unique ideas for those trying to figure out how to make money. The ideas are not brilliant. They are easy things that almost anyone can follow.

How to Get Rich

If you are planning to get rich the most important thing that you need to plan is investments and strategies that will work for you and will give you results. Taking a good look at your financial standing is very important. If you are thinking of how to get rich and secretly planning to win a lot of money in a lottery and becoming rich overnight, chances of this happening are almost 20 million to one.

How to Get Rich Using the Stock Market – 5 Tips

Investing in the stock market has its risks and rewards. If you know what to look for when you buy or sell a stock, you could get rich by doubling your investments.

1 Reason to QUIT Living Within Your Means, 5 Tips on How!

Quit being cheap in order to live within your means. 5 tips on how to EXPAND your means and live life the way you’ve always dreamed.

Online Gold Trading Your Way To Wealth

For the last couple of years, smart investors and traders who understand where the market trend is moving will come into spot gold trading. In 2010, the spot gold price has gone past the historical barrier of $1200 per troy ounce. Although there was a correction after the price hit the $1,200 mark, the uptrend of the gold market is expected to continue for at the least ten years or so.

Is Panic on Wall Street Building? – Gold and Silver’s Role

Before getting into this missive, I would like to state that other silver commentators make a very strong case for silver being a metal that does well in good, prosperous times. I absolutely agree. If the world at large were gaining in real wealth and the economy were humming along, we all might be purchasing flat screen TV’s and using even more silver than we do today. Bottom line, silver does not need bad times to do well.

Wealth Building – The Only Strategy You Will Ever Need

When it comes to building wealth there are a few ways to do it and do it effectively. The first way to build wealth is to save as much as possible and make your money…

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