The Cashflow 101 Game – Winning Strategies

Here are a few winning strategies for those keen Cashflow 101 players. They really do have a place in real life as well!

Cashflow Quadrant – How Do You Earn Your Income?

A description of the four ways to ‘earn’ money. Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant idea has far reaching wealth consequences if you act on it.

How To Earn Money Today And Prosper Financially

Discover how you too can earn money today. A simple, yet effective strategy that works wonders!

Should You Have a Single or Separate Booster Clubs For All Activities at Your High School?

Due to massive budget cuts in school systems today, many schools are looking to alternative sources of financing, like booster club revenues to help make up the funding shortfall to support their various extra-curricular activities. Many schools are also forming single booster clubs to fund all arts and/or athletic activities at their high school. But a far better way to go is to form separate boosters clubs for each individual arts and athletic activity that you have in your school.

Not All Financial Advisors Are As Wise As You Might Suspect Them to Be

It used to be that when you hired a financial planner, you were hiring someone with a lot of experience, who knew how to help you diversify your money and keep you safe. Nowadays, when you hire a financial planner you are more apt to hire someone who is merely a salesperson trying to capture your assets for a larger company. Then they merely look at your financial situation, and how much money you have, how much risk you are willing to tolerate, and put you into a decision making matrix.

The Real Meaning of Financial Freedom

There are many different interpretations of financial freedom. Try asking your family and friends what financial freedom means to them and they would likely be giving you different answers. Being wealthy and being financially free are entirely two separate things. While it is common to assume that those who achieved financial freedom are rich financially, the truth is that being financially free has absolutely nothing to do with whether you’re wealthy or not. Knowing the real meaning of financial freedom would help change your perspective and ultimately your life.

The Fastest Way To Earn Extra Cash

Making money has never come easy in America or anywhere else in the world for that matter. It requires waking up early, working hard everyday, and finding the energy to get up and do it all over again the next day. People spend 8 to 10 hours a day at work, five days a week and over three hundred days. After all that hard work people still seem to be short on cash for their personal use. People could always use the extra cash to spend on vacations, new technology, clothes, shoes, and whatever else they decide to purchase.

Making the Most of the Self Select ISA for Children

Self trade junior isas offer parents more control over the investment. They allow you to decide exactly which companies you invest in and because there are no initial or annual management fees, all of your money goes into your investment.

Comparing Binary Options Brokers Review: OptionFair Vs Banc De Binary

New Traders looking into Binary Options trading for the first time often find it difficult to identify what makes one broker better than another. To help solve this challenge for new traders we have compared two of the larger Binary Option Brokers; OptionFair Vs Banc de Binary.

Things to Remember When Investing in Equity Capital Markets

You’ve finally decided to take your money and do something with it. You know that savings accounts and fixed deposits don’t let your money grow as much as it can. So you decide to invest in equity capital markets instead. But there’s more to it than just taking your money and investing in any random fund that’s pointed out to you. Before you actually start investing, make sure that you keep these pointers in mind.

What Is The Right Age To Start Investing In The Stock Market?

Many people ask me all the time if this is the right time for them to start investing. There is no single answer to that question. That is why I decided to sit back and write a quick post pointing out criterion for people to consider before deciding to invest. This write up is targeted for people of 18+. There is really no upper limit to the age of the person as you can really start investing at any age you are at. I am excluding anyone below 18 as I believe at that young age, you should be more concerned about building your career. Once you start earning a decent amount, you can come back and revisit this article to decide if this is the right time for you to start investing.

Making the Wealth Formula Work For You

There’s many ways to build wealth in this world. People have made fortunes through investing, starting companies, and just plain discipline. Anyone can build a secure nest egg through discipline. You just have to remember to pay yourself first every month.

Don’t Stop Believing – Sometimes Lost Things Can Be Found and “LOVE” Is Always There!

My brain has been “on fire” today… all day long. I started the day being very grumpy and didn’t feel very loving or caring. According to my boyfriend I was quite cold and not very nice.We went to Ruth’s diner in the canyons to have a nice breakfast, on our way there I felt the need to work on my dad energetically and help him clear some of his blocks, as I felt that he was somehow struggling in Senegal.

Getting Income Online

The internet altered our way of life. It paved the way to revolutionary communication and business processes. It even provided sources of income in the form of online jobs, games and answering a paid survey online.

What Are Binary Options?

Binary options are an innovative and relatively new way of trading options. What exactly are they?

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