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Women – Talking Money

Women talking money — what a concept — no not sex or the guy — money! Women taking about their financial well-being and future financial security. Girlfriend to girlfriend — what are you doing to make sure that you are not a ‘bag lady’ when you hit your seventies — and that you are your own advocate for a secure financial life. This article is to inspire conversation with your sister, your friends, your children as we talk more freely about money and the importance of it in our lives.

Women – Money Matters

Sooner or later nearly all women, because of divorce or other lifestyle changes, come nose-to-nose with the financial area of their lives, this is a given. It’s true – you won’t want to learn how to handle money matters in a crisis; it’s better to learn while you can be patient and reflective and embrace your financial well being.

Saving – Building the Habit

“A penny saved is a penny earned” Benjamin Franklin, American State man/inventor 1706-1790. I grew up with linking children’s saving in the home with the local piggy bank known in Yoruba language (a tribe in Nigeria, west Africa) as “Kolo”. Today, it had gone to extreme because of our currency and economy. When we must learn and cultivate the habit of saving for our children’s education and other future obligations.

Creating a Financial Success System

Becoming financially free is the ultimate dream. On paper, getting there is not easy, it just takes a well thought out financial success system. Taking action and actually mapping out and executing this plan is the harder thing to do. To pull it off successfully it takes time, patience and a strong determination to reach your financial goals.

Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf on Commission

For the unwary, buying that first investment property can be frightening and they may want to believe what a slick property developer or salesman is saying, rather than doing research of their own. Of course everyone wants help to start with, but this kind of ‘help’ you really don’t need.

How to Become a Billionaire

Have you ever wondered how world’s richest 10 persons earn their billions? And they achieved this while the rest of us struggle with our monthly paychecks? Their secret to success is plain to see: all of them amass their massive fortunes through creating many income sources.

A Sure Fire Way to Have an Income in 30 Days

As I am sure you have already figured out, there are many ways to make money on the internet. Some methods are just hype, but some are not. Like any real home business, how much effort you put in usually determines what you will get out of it.

Taking Action Daily For the Creation of Wealth

We can have all the knowledge under the sun with some amazing wealth creation strategies. At the end of the day though, if we don’t take any action that information is pretty much useless.

7 Steps to Go From Broke to Millionaire in Less Than One Year (From Upcoming Reality TV Show)

People usually dismiss this headline as being sensationalistic and unrealistic. But did you know that to go from 0.01 to over one million dollars in less than 30 days is not only possible but actually a mathematical certainty? I thought you wouldn’t believe me so I brought along a chart to prove it to you.

An Introduction to Options and Futures Trading

Do you know how to properly use options and futures to minimize your risk when investing? Learn what options and futures are as well as why you should be using them.

Managing Your Four Pillars of Wealth Creation

Have you ever wondered what YOUR REAL WEALTH is? You may have become so caught up in earning money and making more profits that you have lost sight on the things that really matter in your life. These things include your health, your family, your contentment, and your happiness…

Living the Good Life Paid by Your Past Endeavors

Like that annoying bunny beating that bass drum, having an income that keeps going and going and going is the dream that every business owner has when they finally go to sleep at night. Finding a way to grow a residual income is better than most retirement plans and can help set the stage for early retirement, if done properly while you are still young enough to plant the right seeds.

Go From Rags to Riches

Tired of the grind? Sick of poverty? Let me help you take a good shot at independent wealth.

Financial Planning Services – Have A Balanced Finance

The direction of expenses and sources of income matter a lot and they must be balanced. You can do it yourself or you can hire a financial planning services company for that.

Financial Planning Services – Convert Financial Decisions Into Profit

Some services are necessary for the sake of money management. Financial planning services are one such service.

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