The best thing you can do is delay gratification! (Richard Heart) #HEX

Spiritual and Emotional Money Goals: The Keys to a Financially Free Future

You know you need to save more, spend less and invest wisely, but is that really enough to create lasting wealth? Sometimes the key to financial growth means looking beyond our practical wealth building plan. Sometimes we need to look at our spiritual and emotional GOALS around money.

A New Economic Policy

Economics made easy. A radically different approach to wealth and work which puts happiness within the reach of all.

Have You Ever Had That Feeling?

Have you ever felt like an opportunity of a lifetime was happening right before your very eyes? Imagine making a fortune from what other people said could not be done. Could it be that the opportunity to amass wealth is happening right now and you are missing it?

WARNING: The Biggest Lie About Social Security

Like I said, If you are poor and on social security do not, and I repeat do not read this article. Why? Cause I am going to blast the recent article that was in USATODAY on August 16, 2005.

The Truth About Setting Up A Wealth-Pump Business: The Passive Income Myth Exposed

In theory the idea of generating additional (and passive) business revenue from books, CD programmes and eBooks couldn’t be simpler. Find a market. Create a product. Watch the money roll in while you play golf, pamper yourself, shop for shoes, go fishing or enjoy a little R&R. The reality though is a little (I’m under-exaggerating here) different. To make income from products genuinely passive there are steps in the process that you can’t afford to miss out. In fact the first phase of setting up your passive stream of cash requires hard work, persistence and intelligence. You’ll have spent a lot of time, effort and money before you can truly say the money coming in is truly coming in of its own accord.

Rich or Poor – Get the Knowledge

Let me ask you a question. Are you saving a percentage of what you earn or are you like most people who spend everything? Alarmingly, there are new statistics which suggest that most people, in fact, are spending more than what they earn. The latest studies are saying people are currently spending 104% of their income.

Do You Want Money?

Let me ask you a very simple question. Do you want money? Of course you do! Everybody wants money. You might think my next question is even sillier, but I’ll ask it anyway. Do you REALLY want money?

6 Proven Wealth Building Strategies

Building wealth is as simple as saving a little bit here and a little bit there. You need not have great riches in order to accumulate wealth, but you need to have the drive, determination, and discipline to successfully increase your wealth. Let’s look at 6 proven wealth building strategies you can put into use.

16 Mantras for Building Financial Wealth

Mantras to live by and repeat every day to destroy those beliefs that keep most of us impoverished.

Wealth Secrets: Saving Your Way to a Fortune

A simple strategy of regular savings of 20% made ancient Egypt the wealthiest nation in bible times. Learn how the same can make you a future fortune.

Wealth Building Strategy

Many wealthy people we read about seem to have a certain skill for creating large amounts of money. Many in this group of wealth builders follow a few simple rules in their wealth development strategy, and I have listed some here.

Let Me Inspire You – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! (PART-1)

Opportunity Investment can be approached from any price point imaginable. Here I start with what the most people have available to try something very new. Just $100

Personal Finance Rules to Building Wealth

Pay your self first. Saving is not a punishment. Its making choices about how you’ll use your money.

New Year Resolutions to a Better Financial Future

There could not be a better time to mull over the changes needed in our life style than at the beginning of a New Year. This is also a good time to set yearly goals and make resolutions. Each year, according to statistics, almost a third of us make some kinds of New Year Resolutions. Interestingly, although financial future is our main cause of anxiety, our personal finance, according to surveys, gets only to the fifth place in the list of most common New Year resolutions.

Start A Cashflow Club

Want to meet some great people and learn how to make money at the same time? Start a cashflow club.

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