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Understanding A Cash Flow Squeeze – What Is It?

If you have ever run a business or invested for profit you may have come across the term cash flow and possibly been in the position where cash flow was a problem. Cash flow is an important part of the wealth building structure, because as they say, money greases the wheels and makes everything smoother.

If You Had $2500 Dollars To Invest – What Would You Do?

Recently, I was sent an unsolicited prospectus from a start up company requiring seed capital for an Alpaca farm. I read the prospectus with amusement and began actually considering it seriously. These strange looking creatures are incredibly lucrative and this investment would actually fit within my procedural investment policies.

Investing $20 Dollars – Can You Double It In a Week?

$20 dollars may not sound like much but it could potentially become one million dollars in a very short amount of time. In the world of investment and compounding, even a humble $20 bill can be a seed capital account that will grow to gigantic proportions. When your money earns interest upon interest, you can see some really magical things starting to happen.

Is Jay-Z An Economist And The Fall Of The US Dollar

Why would Jay-Z prefer having euros over the U.S. dollar which has been the world’s most preferred currency for decades? Is Jay-Z predicting the American Economy is headed for hard times and the U.S. dollar will further decline in value? Or is hip-hop’s ambassador just continuing to be a trend-setter and his usual financially flamboyant self?

5 Great Ideas to Help Finance Your Retirement

One of the good things about getting old is that, if you planned well, you no longer have to work to earn money. You allow your own savings to give you what you need and sustain you until the end of your days. However, this will not eventually come true if you haven’t really given careful thought on your retirement. You basically don’t have to wait until you’re forty or sixty to plan and even build your own retirement plan. You can begin today. Here are 5 great ideas to help finance your retirement:

Learn How To Write A Grant

Are you in search of a grant to assist you either with your business or personally? If you are interested in writing a grant, you will find there are many things you need to learn and understand to be able to write a grant. One that is appealing to the granter.

Top Grant Writing Tips

When you are first beginning to write grants you may think that doing so is hard. They are worthy of the hard work when you consider the possible outcome. Here are some grant writing tips that should be helpful in assisting you with your purpose.

Things You Should Know Before You Write A Grant

When you decide to write a grant, the first thing you must do is figure out what you need the grant for, then you search to find out what types of grants are out there. When you look for a grant to assist you in your long-term plans, the grant must align itself with your needs or there is no need for you to waste your time or that of the grant reviewer.

Four Steps To Writing A Winning Grant Proposal

Grant proposals are an important vehicle to obtaining the financial assistance needed for any project. Your proposal needs to convince your prospective investors your project is worthwhile. Some people think the proposal is a formality and all you need is a great idea or a winning personality. While these things help, your proposal is what will make or break your project.

The Art Of Grant Writing

When you decide to write a grant, you must make sure that you are eligible and you have all the necessary documentation that you need, before you start. To find out the eligibility requirements for the grant, you can check with the organization that is offering the grant and you can find this information on the grant application.

Finding the Keys to Building Wealth

Once I was asked in an interview with Smart Money magazine about the single most important factor effecting investment success. I told the reporter that committing to and following a sound, long-term investment strategy is the key to success. Sounds simple, right? Yet, most investors can’t describe their strategy because they simply don’t have one.

Easy Steps Towards Wealth Building

Practically everyone wants to have more money. Even if they don’t come right out and say that, it is quite common to hear that you’d like to have certain bills paid off, or not have to worry about where the next paycheck is coming from.

Invest One Million Dollars Before You Have It – How To Make A Million Dollars By Next Thursday

Everybody dreams about a million dollar deal. The overnight wealth type of deal. One simple idea that you gain the vision to follow through with. These happen every day, but unfortunately it is rarely done by ordinary people who would benefit from a deal like that. It’s usually made by professionals that know what they are doing.

Invest $50 – Your First Step To A Million Dollars

If I was to ask you, what is the quickest way to make a million dollars, what would be your answer? I have heard responses ranging from the viable to the outlandish to just plain silly. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that you make the decision to do something about it. The road to a million dollar bank account may not be as hard as you think.

Make Money Fast – Turn Desire Into Action and Build Wealth Now

If you are reading this article you have the desire to make money fast but desire can all too often go no where because there is no vehicle you can use to realise your dreams. If you have desire we are going to give you a specific way to make Money fast – you don’t need to be rich and you don’t need a college education here it is.

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