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Why Successful Investing Is Like Playing Great Golf

Outstanding real life investment success also results from simply not making the equivalent of a ‘bad shot’ in golf and just ‘hitting it down the middle of the fairway’. Just because a company has a decisive edge on the competition now, doesn’t mean that an entirely different or better product won’t show up far sooner than you imagined. Great golfers all know that putters, wedges, fair way woods and drivers all have their place in the game of golf…much like a successful investor!

Avoiding “Bad Shots” When Investing

In many ways, I think that successful investing is analogous to playing great golf. One of the ‘bad shots’ that I repeatedly see is that people don’t have a financial plan or an investment strategy to accomplish that plan.

3 Ways To Take Advantage of Volatility

My simple message to investors is that if you manage your behavior in such a way that will consistently take advantage of other investor’s mistakes of performance chasing or panicky capitulation, you can achieve comparatively superior, long term, real life returns. Last week, I promised three simple methods of rebalancing an investment portfolio in order to take advantage of investment volatility. Rebalancing is the process of returning a portfolio to an investor’s predetermined appropriate mix.

The US Jobs Act: How It Affects Crowdfunding in a Nutshell

The Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups law or aptly named JOBS act has shaken the crowd funding industry in the US and created a whole lot of buzz in Europe too. We in Europe also anticipate a similar act being passed by our governments as they continue to battle with historic deficits, high unemployment, Moody’s downgrades and the constant threat of sovereign default. On March 22, the JOBS Act was approved by the US Senate in a 73-26 vote and President Obama has since signed the act into law. This law was an excellent show of of bipartisan support which we see on very rare occasions within the US Senate. Here’s what the law means in a nutshell and this is how it will affect you as an entrepreneur or an investor:

Do We Live In A Timing and Selection Culture?

Even though research repeatedly shows that unforeseeable events and indeterminate variables mean that no one can forecast markets for an extended period of time, we are certainly a timing and selection culture. When I refer to timing, I mean the decisions about when to be in and out of the markets and when to move among different market sectors. When I talk about selection, I mean the decisions about which stocks, funds or managers will outperform.

Do You Have Any Hobbies That Make Money?

We all have a job and a passion… And most of the time, the two are entirely separate; the job being what we do to put food on the table, and the passion being what we truly enjoy doing. So what if there was a way to combine the two? So you would make money while enjoying yourself.

Stock Market For Beginners – What Is The Stock Market?

Thinking of learning how to invest in the stock market? This article is geared at the stock market for beginners and provides some basic yet important ideas and suggestions for all new stock traders and investors. First of all, what is the stock market exactly?

Learn How To Trade With Financial Fixed Odds

Financial fixed odds offers a unique way in which you can start out profiting from trading the financial markets. It is a relatively new way of trading that is simple to understand and can be also be started with limited trading capital.

Why You Should Invest in Stocks

Shares or stocks of a company always tend to go up and down but over the long haul seem to do so much better than your average savings account. The main reason why is that each stock within your investment portfolio has the potential to increase or grow in value. For a simple example, if a company you have invested in is doing well, this also appreciates the value of its stocks or shares and therefore can be sold for more making you a profit.

The US Economy – Minus Housing Over the Past Decade

With my writing I usually try to keep things practical (namely the topics of financial advising, financial management, and investments), but when I veer off of this I try to stay within “cocktail party” conversations – when topics that usually come up in your casual conversations I hope my readers are empowered with an understanding of things. Predicting the economy and capital markets is…

The Three Killers of Misunderstanding Investing

An annual delight of mine is reading Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders. Buffett has very much influenced me as a financial advisor and how I manage investments. In this year’s letter he writes…

The Quick Guide To Understanding Binary Options

Binary options offer a unique way of profiting from the financial markets. They are relatively new, having only been made available to the retail trader from 2008. However since this time their popularity has grown and now many individuals are regularly using binary trading to make regular profits from the markets.

Make Money On YouTube By Following Your Passion

There are several ways to make money on YouTube. If you want to find out all about them, this is the article that you need! 4 different techniques to make sure that you milk your videos for all they’re worth!

What Will Happen to the Global Economy in 2012?

Does anybody really know what the Global Economy will do in 2012? Can the experts correctly predict how it will all turn out?

Why Smart Investors Are Choosing Tax Liens

Don’t listen to the hype, Tax liens are NOT a way to get property for pennies on the dollar – almost all good tax lien certificates redeem. But tax lien investing is the best way I know of to invest your money safely and grow your wealth virtually risk free.

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