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Recession Proof Workers

I noticed that the college educated people suffer the least in difficult times like these. It seems that those who are “recession proof workers” or, in business sense, skilled workers, by the definition of very business owner, are needed and aren’t laid off as much.

The Confusion With Startup Valuations

There seems to be a confusion about startup valuations. Take Facebook for example. Facebook had a $15 Billion valuation not that long ago and now it is merely $10 Billion due to generous valuations from Russian investors etc.

Make Money – Learn Some Secrets About How to Make Money

When anyone talks about money, you can find a big grin on the other person’s face. Money makes things work. Though many people do not like to discuss money matters, their inner desire to know more about how to make money constantly keeps them attentive when anyone speaks about money.

Wealth Attraction – Three Vital Things You Need to Know

One of the major mistakes that people often make when trying to attract wealth is that they keep seeing their wealth as being separate from themselves. The more they pursue wealth, the farther out of their reach it moves because the law of attraction must keep reflecting back the things they are focusing upon.

The Secret to Generating Wealth and Supplementing Your Income

Generating wealth from your salary alone is not easy hence the reason to seek for other sources of income. You can even opt to hire out your car or rent out your house and move to a cheaper one. With the current…

Aspects of Financial Planning That You Need to Know

The worst enemy to achieving financial freedom is debts. The norm when it comes to financial planning is to spend less and save more.

Tips of How to Generate Wealth and Attain Financial Independence

Knowing your current financial status is another important element of realizing your financial goals. Ask yourself if you know your current net worth. Your net worth is the…

How to Sell Gold Online and Pay Some Bills

Jewellery is one of those things that can be one of our most precious possessions at one point in our lives, but then a few years later can lie unwanted at the back of a draw. This is probably most true of gold which can be easily styled to suit a wearer at one age, but not another. It should, therefore, come as good news that it is possible to sell gold and make some much needed money.

Start Saving Now

The first thing most wealthy people do is to have a savings plan, or an investment plan. They do not spend more than they earn and they make their money work for them. Every dollar is sent out to earn more dollars. This is basic investment.

Costa – Lots of Coffee!

In my previous articles state: in order to get out of the rat race you must slim down on your expenses. Here’s a great example to illustrate how easy it can be to reduce some unneeded expenses!

The True Cost of a Guarantee (Or How Many Soda Refills Can I Buy?)

The other day I saw a commercial from a bank that was offering a 5 year CD at an interest rate of 2.5%, (two and one-half percent). The announcer used words such as: “guaranteed rate”, “great rate”, along with the ever-present touting that the principal is insured by the FDIC. The pitch made it seem like I had finally found a safe place to “invest” my money in a troubled economic environment and that my money would be “safe”.

Financial Freedom and Nirvana!

Defining Nirvana…what exactly does it mean to the debt ridden? Well, for sure it stands for financial freedom! The thought is not at all elusive today considering that help is at hand. How? Well there is dedicated help. Your passport to debt relief and fiscal management help is but a click away!

Shocking Survey Findings Spell Danger to Parents

This gut wrenching fact was uncovered from a result of a recent survey in the US – did you know that 56% of people think things will be worse for their own children or for future generations? In plain English, 1 in every 2 people believe their child’s future is doomed. Read every word again – 1 in to 2 people believe their child’s future is doomed.

How to Become Rich Now – No More Excuses!

Almost everybody wants to know how to become rich! People may know the steps, they may have invested in books, CDs and DVDs that teach them the key steps, but there still might be something holding them back. In this article, you’ll read about the top excuses that you’ll need to overcome in order to become rich.

Financial Success – The Purpose in Life?

Many people would be happy to find out their purpose in life. They long for the feeling that they are doing exactly what they set out to do and are financially successful at it. Financial success is often inaccurately used to measure purpose.

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