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Saving Money and Building Wealth on a Tight Budget – Part 2

Now that you have learned why it’s so important to save a percentage of every dollar you earn (also known as pay yourself first), let’s look at some of the ways you can make simple changes in your finances and in your lifestyle that can add up to big changes in your financial status. By following just a few of these simple tips, you will be able to build wealth and hardly notice a difference in your lifestyle. You may even improve your health and have more fun in the process!

Critical Economic and Financial Education For Your Secure Future

Discover the critical economic and financial education that the government does not want you to know! The government is keeping YOU in the dark so they can take advantage of YOU! Discover how to take COMPLETE control of YOUR money and YOUR future!

Are You Cursed With A Poverty Mindset?

Is there really a poverty mindset? There absolutely is! Now since we have established that there is such a thing called the poverty mindset, I know you are wondering, “Well what is it? Do I have it? I need to get rid of it!” A poverty mindset is something like this: You are certain that all things related to money are driven by the economy and the economy is bad, so you are doomed to be poor!

Saving Money and Building Wealth on a Tight Budget – Part 3

You know about paying yourself first. You also know about the Latte Factor. You’ve been cutting back on expenses and “buying money” with the money you are saving. Let’s look at a few more ways that you can cut back even more to carve a little extra out for savings.

Saving Money and Building Wealth on a Tight Budget – Part 1

Most of us are guilty of it. We say we don’t have money for extras. We claim our budget is stripped down, bare bones, nothing but necessities. But, is that really true? Most of us can find some extra money in our budget if we look closely enough. Do you go out to eat a lunch time? Do you go out to dinner once a week? Do you go to the movie theater a couple of times a month? Does your day only get started after your Starbucks coffee in the morning? David Bach calls it the “Latte Factor”. If you buy a designer coffee every morning on your way to work, that comes to $20 a week, about $87 a month, or $1040 a year.

Alternative Investments: Are They Even Available to the Average Investor?

Alternative Investments are not just for the ultra wealthy. Not any longer. Learn how you can enter into alternative investment strategies with little money and with confidence of having the experts in your alternative investing corner.

The Next Big Thing May Be Little Things

We all want to be in on the next big thing. But sometimes, it takes years to become an overnight success. The little things you do today can create big things for you tomorrow. While you wait for the next big thing, do all the little things you need to do consistently.

Beyond The Basics For Tax Lien Investors: What You Need To Know And When You Need It

I believe that there are three different stages of knowledge or learning about tax lien investing that the investor needs. But you don’t have to go through each of these learning stages before you know enough to get started.

Wealth Building Your Portfolio

Building your portfolio is easier than one may think, as there is a lot of scope on the internet today. Let’s give you a few pointers on getting started; you must research the products very carefully, as not to get caught up in a scam.

Three Strategies For Crash-Proof Wealth Building

Experts say the powers-that-be have already taken us past the point of no return on global financial collapse, and it’s just a matter of time. What can you do to prepare? How can you build wealth, and what is still possible in terms of crash-proofing your prosperity? The first three strategies you should consider are entrepreneurship, education, and engagement….

A Look At Money Making Opportunities

There are times when people need immediate funds for an emergency. If you find yourself in this position, it will be helpful to take some time to determine what you can do that will generate the funds you need quickly. By using the following checklist, you will be able to move more quickly and achieve your goals more easily with less effort than you may imagine.

Achieving Financial Freedom – The Top 10 Methods

Here are 10 sound methods of helping you achieve financial freedom. Some involve daily habits while some involve long term plans and goals. All of these can be used in your everyday lives.

Research and Strategy: The Successful Investor’s Tools

Researching interest rates, average returns on investments, alternative investments, and strategies that are used by successful investors will both save you money in the long run, and produce higher yields all around. Knowing what works in the current economic climate is essential to successful investing.

Go The Distance

In the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” Ray Kinsella hears a voice whisper telling him “If you build it, he will come.” As the story continues, the voice once again urges Ray to “go the distance.” This serves as a fitting metaphor for the attainment of personal and professional success. In the sport of baseball, going the distance is the term used to describe a pitcher who plays for all nine innings of the game. In boxing, it refers to a fighter who continues for all of the rounds. In the context of success, it is an appropriate term to describe somebody with the persistence to keep working for their goals until they are achieved.

3 Incredibly Simple Ideas Anyone Can Use to Earn Some Extra Cash

Are you short on cash? Are you looking for some extra money to pay the bills or buy an exceptional gift for that special someone in your life? Here are some great money making ideas that can provide you the much needed income source.

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