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Invest Outside the Box

Many investors consider stocks, bonds, and real estate to be the only acceptable forms of investments (aka: asset classes). While these certainly are the primary investment vehicles used by most, and granularity within these sectors allows further diversification, they do not represent the whole spectrum of investment options. Building a well diversified portfolio entails combining assets that compliment each other and reduce risk; in finance parlance, they have low correlations. During times of stress, correlations tend to be high, which means assets move in tandem; this explains why even the most diversified stock and bond portfolios sometimes lose value in a down market, albeit not as much as the overall market. However, there are many asset classes that are often overlooked, despite their low correlations.

How Successful People Achieved Financial Freedom

How have rich people achieved financial freedom? Is it something that can be done when you get older or is it something that you can do in one day? Out of the entire population, only a few percentage have truly achieved financial freedom.

Debt Is Probably the Best Tool for Building Wealth

Debt sure has a bad reputation these days. Every time I pick up a newspaper, all I see are articles about the “sovereign debt crisis.” When I turn on the television, I’m bombarded with commercials from companies offering to help people with their “debt troubles.

5 Easy Tips To Make Your First Million

You do not have to be stuck not knowing what to do to make a million dollars while the answer is right under your nose. 1. Earn your money.

Why They Are Not Rich (63 Excuses)

One of the funny things (at least it’s funny to me) is hearing the excuses people give to justify why they are not rich. What’s ever funnier is that the people call them ‘reasons’; I call them excuses. Throughout the years, I’ve heard excuses such as “I don’t want the responsibility” to “people would come to rob me” to “I’m too young” to “I’m too old”! I’ve heard the works and now would like to share them with you.

Get Rid Of Negative Associations With Money

When I was a young boy, I used to imagine monsters under the bed. I did realize that it was my imagination that was playing tricks with me even back then. But despite this, the fear was so real that I dared not step foot from the bed until the bright morning light. To me, the monsters were real. But I had a good excuse – I was only seven. Today, millions of grown-ups, including 70-year olds, have worse fears in their minds about money. And because they believe in the fears, they have created monsters in their minds. Monsters so real that they dare not take any step to make more money.

Day Trading Strategies

Sitting around and complaining about how the economy is taking a turn for the worst, will do nothing to help you out of the money problems. What you need to do is get up and strategize how to make extra money to cushion you against the tough economic times. Only action will change a position, and nothing will prepare you for taking a position like day trading. This is not for the faint of heart, and requires a serious mind, a diligent person and a cast iron stomach.

Property As an Investment

Pros and cons of owning rental property and how over time, both the rental income and property value increase. Have you considered property as an investment?  Investors consider property to be a relatively safe investment because the rental you charge and the value of the property will both rise over time.

What You Need to Identify the Best Corporate Bonds

Investing wisely is extremely important. The best corporate bonds can be a great long-term investment that will provide you with the yield you are looking for, but only if you know how to identify what makes one bond better than another. By having a better understanding of what a bond is and how it is rated, you can make wiser investment choices within your portfolio.

What Is Net Worth And How It Is Useful?

When your network and resources function smoothly, half the task is complete. Net worth is essential in terms of finding out your value.

Top Places to Find AAA Corporate Bonds

As you’re preparing to make a large investment into corporate bonds, you need to consider the risk factors. Unless you are prepared to lose everything in a leap of faith to pursue a very high yield rate, you are likely looking for something of a long-term investment. This means you need to understand where the top AAA corporate bonds are.

Investing Wisely

When we sees the word, “Investment”, we often think that this is for the rich only. The Bible also talks about being faithful with what the Lord has entrusted to us and being accountable to Him for the decisions we make (Matthew 25:14 – 30). We need to secure our finances and do our homework before making any decisions in investing our money in the various investment instruments. Listed below are some of the investments you may consider.

Chaos Creates Opportunity – Just Don’t Lose Your Pants

It’s Time. Time to start looking again.

You Want to Do What? Align Your Goals

Goals. Are you on the same page as your spouse?

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs Having Good Years in Business

Last week, an article on CNNMoney shared stories of entrepreneurs who had started successful businesses in oil-rich areas like Williston, North Dakota. As I read through the different stories, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. Of course, I am excited that entrepreneurs are succeeding, but I’m also concerned that they won’t recognize success is never guaranteed. In some ways, entrepreneurs might have shorter time spans to succeed since they can experience just as many bad years in business as they do good ones. And the bad years can wipe out the savings of the good years.

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