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Are You Building Wealth For Someone Else?

If you are gainfully employed by a company other than your self. You are building their wealth.

Wealth Building 101

Want to be wealthy? Want to know how to choose the right business without wasting your hard earn money?

How To Become Rich In 3 Months

When you really look at it, there are only a few legitimate ways to get rich. You would think there were thousands of ways, but these are all variations on a method. There is one way to get rich fairly rapidly, in fact depending on what your interpretation of rich is, you could fulfill this goal in less than 90 days.

Thoughts on Saving Money

There’s one truth to saving money – only you can do it. All the advice in the world won’t help you. All the promises to yourself won’t help if you never get started. If you don’t have commitment, it won’t succeed. Only you can make it happen. No one can do it for you.

Yes – You Really Can Save Money

Sometimes, saving money may seem impossible. You buy groceries on Monday, pay bills on Tuesday, and by Wednesday your paycheck has disappeared. However, if you establish a savings plan, you’ll “find” money in places you’ve never thought to look!

Building Wealth – A Simple Plan For Building Long Term Wealth

Here we are going to look at ways of building wealth that offer a chance to get rich the easy way with low downside risk and triple digit annual gains. Were going to show you here how to take a sample $50,000 and compound it to a million in under 10 years!

3 Keys to Financial Freedom

How to get enough money for your needs. Three simple steps to financial freedom.

Wealth Building – Through Commodity Investing

In my recent article, The No-brainer Investment Strategy to Double Digit Returns, I opined that there is a 34 year cycle in the stock market. A 17 year bull market is followed by a 17 year bear market and that equities and commodities are inversely correlated. Based on this premise, a strategy could be devised in which equities and commodities are alternately invested during its appropriate time during the cycle. So, how is this theory performing over the first six months of 2006?

Will You Outlive Your Money?

When people retire, they want their retirement funds to last for the rest of their life. The strategies you choose will determine whether your retirement funds will provide you with enough retirement income to maintain or increase your standard of living, keep pace with inflation and last for the rest of your life.

How To Make A Million Dollars Fast And Furious

Ever considered making a concentrated effort that could change your life for good? Ever wondered if you applied yourself to making your first million whether it would be a waste of time or a life changing experience? Either of these posibilities may occur. The question really is, would you try?

The Key to Wealth Is Mindset

If you really knew you could become a millionaire in the next 24 months, what would you be focused on? Why is it that some many people start in business only to dabble and ultimately fail? The secret ingredient is right there waiting for us all but do we do anything about it?… Think about it, have you ever met a successful and abundant happy skeptic?

Making Money Work for You!

I never had any courses like Money 101, or Elementary Investing 207, or Finance and Marriage 315. They aren’t offered in any schools I attended. Anyone can achieve financial security with the proper effort and self-discipline. There are no magic formulas. Just old-fashioned values of desire and fortitude!

5 Important Steps To Help You Achieve The Success & Wealth You Want

Wealth enables us to have the freedom to enjoy our lives. A lot of people dream of having wealth and success, yet it is only a few who can take this ‘dream’ further and actually work towards achieving the success and wealth they desire in their lives.

Is it Possible to Make Money Online? Heres the Surprising Evidence

I’m a professional engineer but with limited web skills. I’m following the instructions of one of the more famous ‘get rich quick’ schemes to (dis)prove whether it works and provide an honest view.

Make Money Fast – How to Build Wealth Quickly with Low Risk

If you want to make money fast the ideal investment is one that has huge upside and low downside but of course you need to pick wisely, you will also want an affordable investment that investment is Costa Rican real estate that can be bought for just $30 – 60,000 and investors who have bought in the right locations, have doubled or tripled their gains!

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