Why HEX is gate kept! (Knight’s of Crypto)

What Are Your Dreams Waiting For?

Thank God for hard-charging, high-flying cadets like my niece. We need her out there, soaring into the wild blue yonder… and we also need entrepreneurs in every family, with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their dreams free to fly through the heavens. When the predicted crash has come and gone, the entrepreneurs in every family will be the ones who make our nation soar again…

You Will Not Become Rich By Staying In Your Job!

We all know we need a job to make money to live. But what if you want to do more than just live? If you want to be rich, for the vast majority, you will merely earn money to get by. But you could never leave your job – poverty and destitution would follow in no time. How about a different approach?

Gold Bullion Investment: A Return To The Gold Standard?

With the recent economical problems across the globe there has been a call from many for a return to the gold standard. This article explains what the gold standard is and how its return could impact on gold bullion investment.

The Myth of Diversification: Why Some Are Getting Rich Quick and Others Are Going Broke

Surely having all your “eggs in one basket” so to speak, might not be a secure way to invest your money, but diversification can be just as bad. There are hundreds of people who spread their money around into various types of investments and end up with half of them doing well, the other half not doing so well or even losing money.

The Secret to Attracting Money: Easy Ways to Wealth Attraction

Wealth creation gurus have made this topic sound magical to the average person, so much so that they are ready to pay thousands of dollars for mirrors and smoke. Wealth attraction is not magic, its an art that needs learning and practice. Read this article to understand the basic building blocks of the art of attracting money.

Tips For Selecting the Right Broker to Help You Trade Smart and Efficiently

Choosing the right broker to trade with is paramount to your trading success. As a beginning trader, finding the right broker to help trader smart and efficiently involves choosing a broker that specializes in your market.

Tips For Avoiding Indicator Overload As a Trader: Knowing Which Indicator to Use

Beginning traders often put so many indicators on their charts that they can’t really see what’s going on. Simplicity is the key to successful trading.

Use Asset Allocation to Grow Rich Slowly But Surely

If you want to improve the management of your investment portfolio, then using the asset allocation method of investment planning will help. Asset allocation is more important than individual stockpicking. Getting the structure of your investment portfolio right at the outset will have a bigger impact on your long-term investment returns than any other investment decision you make.

Asset Protection Planning Process

Your asset protection plan is an important component of your overall wealth management plan. It is designed to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated remains yours. It is built to protect your assets from suits and creditors.

Rule of Thumb: The Do’s and Don’ts of Options Trading

There are many rules of thumb to follow as a beginning trader, and this article will break down some of the do’s and don’ts of options trading. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of options trading online with a brokerage account as a first time or beginner investor or trader.

Things To Do For Extra Money

Any one of several situations can arise where a large amount of money is needed to make repairs, or pay off emergency medical bills. If nothing else, the old car finally gives up the ghost and there isn’t enough money to buy a new one. Here are a few ideas for trying to raise extra money when the going gets tough.

Financial Independence: Things Have Changed

In the old economy, you could work and invest in mutual funds and have a great chance to be financially independent by age 60. Today, the situation is very different. In this article, I will attempt to explain why and what to do about it.

How to Get Started Learning About the Stock Market

Such a vast amount of stock information is available both online and offline that for the beginning investor the question is: Where do I start? Individuals without prior investing experience gravitate toward the stock market because they know stocks offer the possibility of much higher returns than savings accounts.

Using Risk to Reward Ratios and Finding the Appropriate Trading Philosophy for Your Goals

In this article, we briefly explain how to apply risk to reward ratios to your trading philosophies and explore trading principles like buy and hold and dollar cost averaging. In all of the following theories, the underlying concept that lays the foundation for the success or failure of each is risk to reward.

It May Not Be a Job You Need – You May Only Need Income

There are other ways to make money besides a traditional job. If you love your job, great. Stay with it. If you don’t examine four axioms about work and see which fits you.

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