Why we will see a lot of rich Hexicans! (4Tendies, Knights of Crypto) #HEX

Do You or Your Spouse Understand the Loss of Social Security Income on the First Death?

(And what about your pension income?) So, you and your (never worked) spouse were both born in 1950 and thinking about both taking early (age 62) Social Security monthly benefits. First, consider that the ‘normal’ retirement age for Social Security (for your ages) is 66.

Expected Future Returns in Global Markets

We live in an increasingly global world. In fact, as I have often mentioned, American companies are strongly involved in growth stories playing out in places like China, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, India and elsewhere – so, partly for this reason, I wanted to give you a flavor of growth expectations from major global economies that our companies are involved in. Secondly, I also believe that international assets should be a part of a well-diversified portfolio and so it helps to understand, at a very high level, where to potentially invest your money internationally for the best possible returns, perhaps through country specific ETFs.

Cold, Hard, Cash – Not!

While we jokingly call it “cold, hard cash,” there’s nothing cold about it. It’s definitely an emotional substance. Money holds great power over us. It’s power we’ve chosen to give to it, whether it’s been a conscious choice or a subconscious one. While money can bring great joy, an unhealthy pursuit of it can cause many problems.

The Risky Business of an Equity Capital Market

‘The higher the risk, the higher the profit’ – these words best describe the motivation behind every investor who invests in the stock market or in the equity market. It’s a risky business, but a business that involves all types of investors, large and small. Investments in equity capital markets are perceived to be the most risky form of investments. Wealth management services cater to providing advice on these same financial investments. Together, they go hand-in-hand as a combined function of the finance world.

SLV – Review of the Silver ETF

Investing in SLV is a good way to take advantage of the precious metals market for silver and still minimize your risks. There are several ways to use SLV; as an investment, as an investment with cash flow, as a trading vehicle, trading SLV’s options. There is a brief description of SLV’s makeup and some of its disadvantages.

3 Tips for Women to Become Empowered With Money

Women can easily gain the empowerment they desire by gaining the right knowledge. Knowledge is confidence. Knowledge is safety. Knowledge is power. Three ways women can become empowered with their money are to get educated about money, overcome their innocence and work with trusted experts.

Sound Financial Advice: Protecting Your Assets From the Economic Apocalypse

Looking for Sound Financial Advice on How to Protect your assets from the coming economic apocalypse? Look no further! This article will give you the insights you need to protect your assets from deflation and inflation.

The Path to Wealth

‘Wealth creation’ sounds heavy, doesn’t it? Put it this way: if you can balance a budget successfully and have a little left over each month, you have already started. Does that surprise you?

Revealed: Strategies That Give Me Money Daily

I am of the school of thought that success is backed by knowledge, skills and tools. I must also emphasise that one must follow in the steps of a good mentor of their chosen field or interest. Of course, other factors like smart work (not hard work) find their way into the equation too. I take a keen interest into learning how other successful entrepreneurs operate. What I then do is take the strongest trait of each personality, then create a mix bespoke to my objectives. I recently understudied strategies that make a success recipe for creating daily income online. To say the least, I was shocked beyond belief when i discovered the simplicity involved.

The Risks of Structured Products

If you are a bank investment customer you will no doubt have been offered a product that sounds too good to be true – a structured product.  These products are extensively marketed to bank customers and are portrayed as a low-risk way for risk averse customers to get the upsides of the stock market without all the downsides.

Who Is Harry S Dent, Jr And Why You Should Know

Harry S. Dent, Jr. is an accomplished financial advisor and author. He has written a number of books predicting economic trends since 1992. He uses a combination of economic cycles and demographic studies to predict the financial future. His predictions for the next decade contain some dire warnings. Should you believe them or take them into consideration?

5 Reasons Why People Fail At Tax Lien Investing

Tax lien investing is a great way to invest safely for high returns without putting your money at risk, as in the stock market, or other speculative investments. I use lien investing as a way to invest my money both for the near future – a few months to 2 years down the road, and for retirement. There are plenty of reasons that I see for investing in liens in today’s market like: • Where else can you get an 8- 36% return on your money without a lot of risk?

Missed Earnings Estimates – Betting Against The Wall Street Consensus

I have been a contrarian investor for more than forty years. I bet against the Wall Street consensus because that is where the money is. One of my favorite anti-consensus plays is the “missed earnings estimate” play. Stick around and I will show you how it is done.

Contentment and Wealth Creation – Are These Mutually Exclusive?

The last five years will go down in history as one of those periods when the value of material wealth was so eroded, to the point where governments had to make available rescue packages to the tune of billions of dollars to prevent the closure of mega companies with multi – billion dollar turnovers. The knock-on effects of this “economic meltdown” or “international financial crisis” as it is now notoriously known have been devastating – millions of job losses all over the world, people losing…

The Exciting World of Sports Investment – Fun and Profit on a Daily Basis

When taken seriously and executed responsibly, sports investment can be ranked as one of, if not THE premier investment method. How this game-changing, money-making discipline works is explained below.

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