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Passive Income Sources – Setting Proper Expectations For Your Passive Income Sources

There are many passive income sources that can make you very wealthy. However, in the age of the Internet, many people are lead to believe that there are passive income sources that can be achieved with virtually no investment or time commitment. We have all seen the advertisement that says – You will earn $5,000 in your first week. No prior experience necessary. These advertisements appeal to people’s greed and almost never work.

The News – Why Should I Bother?

I recently read an article from a gentleman who is about my age (I am 30 years young), who spends an immense portion of his year travelling the world, windsurfing and doing trips on his motor bike. His business is internet based and he periodically fine tunes it, from the weirdest places all across the globe!

How to Make 100 Dollars Each Night While Sleeping – Interest(ed)?

Imagine going to sleep each night and waking up in the morning to find a crisp, new, 100 dollar bill on your bed-stand. Multiple this by 365 days in the year and it will amount to $36,500. Multiple this by ten years and you will have $365,000.

How the Irish Used Serendipity to Accumulate a Fortune!

Serendipity means the seemingly random things that are continually going on in our lives, that we feel that we are not controlling or in control of. Sometimes these things seem good to us at the time and sometimes they don’t.

How to Create All of the Wealth and Success You Want in Your Life – Tip #12

This is tip #12 in a series on How to Create All of the Wealth and Success You Want In Your Life. This tip is about taking steps to give yourself permission to be rich and successful.

Aluminum Cans Recycling Business Ideas – A Bright Idea You Might Not Have Thought Of

There are tons of aluminum cans recycling business ideas out there, from collecting cans and selling them for scrap to getting paid by businesses to dispose of their cans. However, there’s one idea that is really unique – and I’ll bet you’ve never thought of – making products with old cans.

3 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money – Using Your Intellectual Property

When most people find themselves in a cash crunch, the first thing they think of is selling off items in their homes that they no longer need. While this can be a great way to make some quick cash – why not focus on your smarts to make you some cash? Selling information and skills you’ve collected over the years is a fast and easy way to make money when you’re really in a crunch. Following are a few ideas.

How Have the Irish Have Become So Successful?

Ireland’s primary industries have been agriculture and tourism, as well as and by far the largest in recent times, construction and property. Things are changing and have changed. The property boom of the last twenty years is over and it’s time to learn a new game.

Wealth Seminars Aren’t All Bad

The world runs so fast, we all have so much to do, people to see, places to be. I believe it’s time to look for ways to slow down. One thing we can be certain of in this life is that things change. It’s time to change the way we spend so much of our time at work for such little reward. It’s time to value life with the people we love a bit more often. Time to look for ways to make money that don’t involve so much time. Let’s re-evaluate what we’re doing, prioritise a little more and spend our time in the places that are important to us. Let families be families again, not ships in the night that pass by on their way in or out.

Why Making Money in an Economic Depression is the Easiest Thing!

In an economic depression, there are always those who will continue to thrive no matter what the financial system looks like. They have managed to stay ahead of the game and somehow predict the future by knowing when is the right time to make certain financial moves in order to continue their prosperity. These are the kind of people that have reserves of capital, so when prices have hit rock bottom, they are able to buy low and sell high. This is the example to follow of wealth and prosperity that will continue to persist despite the condition of the economy.

Five Core Steps to Make You Earn Your Millions – Even If You Start From Scratch

Who wants to be a millionaire? Is probably a very silly question to ask, because it is a resounding yes that everybody will answer. Who in this world has not dreamed of becoming wealthy? Earning a lot of money, spending it on all the nice things that you want, trotting around the globe, sending your children to good universities and even helping a lot of people are just about the things that wealthy people can do.

How to Be a Successful Wealth Builder – Part 1

Your mind set has a lot of role to play in building wealth, and how intelligent you are when it comes to wealth building. You the individual intending to build wealth, in various occasions need to know when you are thinking rational or emotional in order to be successful in your vision. In building wealth you need to have the millionaire mentality which believes that freedom and power are better than monetary pleasure.

How to Be a Successful Wealth Builder – Part II

Today the sirens of credit card are luring most people to the rocks of disaster, their enticing song buy now and pay later, is indeed truth in advertising, but it was certainly not intended to be. What exactly are the people doing? They are paying and the price they paying to have it now are clear. Everywhere you see broken marriages, health, homes, and even lives. But the successful wealth builder knows the danger of incurring unnecessary debt and understands that the primary way or option to avoiding it is by delaying gratification. The power of compounding (POC) For you to become a successful wealth builder, you cannot ignore this powerful tool. Just as you can delay gratification to avoid falling into debt, you can also decide to save $100 monthly to your nest egg. in forty years ( compounded at the average S & P 500 rate of 10.2%) that extra saving will worth close to about $700,000.00. what about if you can afford $200 monthly into your nest egg for forty years? Do the calculation your self; I can hear you say that is a lot of money.

Stress Free Wealth Building Part Two

Creating wealth is simple and easy once you learn to break free from the chains that bind you. Learning how to place your priorities in order and manage the simple processes that can take you from where you are to where you want to be. Creating wealth should be your first priority for you, your family and most importantly your sanity.

How to Get Grant Money – 5 Helpful Tips

There are billions of dollars in grant money given away every year to people probably just like you. This article will give 5 tips that will help anyone thinking about applying for a grant better their chances of getting approved for one.

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