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Thinking and Saving Money

Saving money is always a challenge. It requires people to change the way they think in order to keep more of what they earn. Once you figure out how to stop spending you will be on your way to saving.

Gold As an Inflation Hedge

One US dollar in 1801 has now become worth about 5 cents when adjusted for inflation or the cost of living. If we had purchased a dollar’s worth of gold in 1801 however, that gold would be worth $1.40 adjusted for the same cost of living inflation increases.

Wealth Success – What Are the Key Methods Behind to Achieve Wealth?

Wealth Success does not come out of the blue. You will need to apprehend and execute the steps to achieve it. These steps are always used by the wealthy people for them to become even more richer.

Gold As Money

We all understand and acknowledge instinctively that gold is the same thing as money even though it is officially not. This is because it meets more of the criteria for being regarded as “money” than any other commodity.

Learn the Universal Wealth Secret Principles to Make Better Your Life

This article discusses the importance of wealth secret principles used by the rich men that make them so successful in their lives. These are natural wealth secret principles but they are often being ignored by many.

Focusing on Wealth

When you seek and concentrate and focus on building wealth, opportunities will show up. If you go looking for failure you will find that too. If you wait on success it will never just show up. In fact if you wait for just about anything, all you’ll end up getting is an ability to tolerate waiting. Go out and get it!

Don’t Get Married to Your Ideas – Ways to Become Rich

What I want to talk about today is very closely related or actually a component of the flexibility that I talk about being so important in business and that is the idea of making sure that you are not allowing yourself to being married to any particular idea. What I mean about being married to an idea is when you’ve allowed your mind to be so asphyxiated on things going a certain way or an idea about your business or a certain aspect about your business that you are not willing to being open…

Trusting Your Gut – Ways to Become Rich

Today I’d like to spend some time talking about the importance of trusting your gut. In today’s society with us being in the information age, deep in the information age, and with all of the new technology, smart phones and social media sites and people are just so connected and just so much information is flying around. It can often be a bit like information overload.

Think Like an Investor

It is amazing to realize that how-less people know about investment plan. Whenever I discuss about investment it becomes clear to me that majority people are ignorant. The most they can talk about investment is mutual fund, stocks or properties.

Buying Gold and Silver on eBay Safely – Part 2 – Know How Much Gold and Silver You Are Getting

Have you been thinking about buying gold and silver on eBay? Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of buying gold and silver through auction sites in this 3 part series of articles. In part 1 you learned how to read a listing to avoid scams.

Buying Gold and Silver on eBay Safely – Part 1 – Read the Listing Carefully

Have you been thinking about investing in gold or silver? Auctions can be a great place to find deals on gold and silver but its buyer beware. Learn the 3 things you must know to avoid being taken or spending too much on your investment in gold and silver.

Take Initiative – Be Innovative

In the world that we are living in, we can no longer do what we’ve always done. We are going to have to get creative.

A Proven Formula of 3 Steps to Attract Wealth Like Never Before

How often do people say that they wish to be wealthy and can do whatever they like without having to worry about money? Truth to be told, everyone wishes for that, but there could be a very big line between dreaming and actually achieving the dream.

Stop Working So Hard and Start Working Smarter So You Can Work Less

Most people are willing to trade their precious time for money working hourly jobs. It’s time to restructure your time so that your money is buying you more free time.

5 Basic Principles to Financial Success

I remember listening to the Chairman of a leading stock brokerage firm in the country share his experiences in business. He taught 5 basic principles in order to succeed.

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